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This is the third of three part series on the benefits of a college degree. Read the other two parts and keep checking back for the full ebook: Why Should I Go to College?

While many people look to get their college education because of the impact it may have on their financial future, there are still many other benefits graduates found in earning their degree. The impact that a college education can have on other areas of their lives may not be able to be measured in dollars, but the value still had a major impact on both them and their families.

For many college students and graduates, the sense of accomplishment they received from school was one of the biggest benefits. Being able to complete your degree can give you great feelings of accomplishment as well as a boost in self-confidence—something that can help you in workforce as well. “Math was my weakness and I almost quit because of it. Thanks to the encouragement and assistance from my advisor along with the help of a tutor, I passed with a ‘B’ which was so rewarding! Because of my degree and my self-confidence, I found a great job.”—Carol, Pharmacy Technician and college graduate

A sense of satisfaction
A sense of satisfaction from your accomplishments is not the only advantage to earning your degree. According to Pew Research Center’s recent study, many college graduates have found satisfaction with what they earned from their college degree. The study showed 88 percent of college graduates say their education has or will pay off. Here are some more interesting facts:

For those with a bachelor’s degree—

  • 86 % say they have a career or are in a career-track
  • 53% say they are “very satisfied” with their current job
  • 46% say their education was “very useful” in preparing them for a job or career

A legacy for your family
For many students, going back to school is often about making a better life for you and your family.
While that could mean a better paying job or a chance for more career and income opportunity, it could also be a chance to set the example. Statistics show first generation students often leave after their first year of college and nearly 90 percent fail to graduate. These statistics greatly improve with each graduating generation paving the way for more of your family members to earn their degree.

Beyond those statistics, many students have found the simple act of making the decision to go back to school has changed both their lives and the lives of their families. For college graduate, Missy, it meant a chance to make an impact on her beloved grandchildren. Mother of five children, Missy worked two jobs outside the home to help support her family. But after her kids were grown and she had spent over 20 years in the medical field, Missy decided she wanted to do something for herself, her kids and her now three grandchildren. “I wanted something I could be proud of.” Missy decided it was the right time to make a change and return to school to earn a degree in the healthcare field. While Missy was excited to return to school to reach her goals, she was even more excited about the effects of her decision on her family. “I want to leave a legacy for all my grandkids,” she said. “I want them to know if Me-ma can do it, they can.”

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