Program Fit: Is Accounting Right for You?


Accounting is the cornerstone of any business. NAU’s various accounting degree options give students the opportunity to gain the knowledge and skills needed for today’s global business economy. With numerous accounting associated jobs with a bright career outlook, it only makes sense that you may consider your future in the accounting industry.[1] Whether at the associate, bachelor, or master’s degree level, accounting could be the right fit for you.

Finding the right fit
It can be a difficult decision to make when choosing the right degree program. When deciding on any program area it is always important to ask yourself these three questions:

  • Do I have invested interest in this area?
  • Will it help me in the future? 
  • Does it fit my lifestyle?

After you examine the answers to these questions, then you can decide where and how you get started.

Do I have invested interest in accounting?
First and foremost you must have an interest in accounting.  The careers associated with accounting work with financial data and figures, account records and overall business operating procedures. Most students who choose a degree in accounting are excited about the opportunity to work in a business setting and to help manage some of the financial operations and processes.  Check out more career related information, such as required skills, preferred education and more from My Next Move, a sponsored site by the U.S. Department of Labor.

Will it help me in the future?
If you have already determined that you have an invested interest in building your career in accounting, your next step is to examine your career goals. How will this degree help you reach your goals? NAU’s associate degree in accounting program helps students prepare for careers such as bookkeeping, accounting and auditing clerks. The bachelor degree in accounting helps prepare students for careers such as budget analysts, accountants and auditors. According to the Department of Labor’s O*NET, accountants bright career outlookwith a large number of projected job openings—a definite plus for your future goals.

Accounting graduate, Nicholas found that working towards his degree brought him the knowledge and credibility to get his first job in the industry. “Shortly after starting at NAU, I was recommended by the Dean of Student Services to apply for an opening with Wells Fargo.  Much to my delight I was hired and began my career while going to school.  Had I not chosen NAU I would not be where I am today.” Now as a graduate, Nicholas continues to see the benefits of earning his degree. “Four years and two promotions later, I still owe much of my personal success to my experience and time with NAU.”

Does it fit my lifestyle?
This is always an important question when considering any degree program. If you are already working in any industry, you may need to consider how flexible your schedule is to completing your degree. Do you have time to take classes and work? How will you manage your time between work, family and school? These are all important considerations when choosing any degree program. NAU offers associate, bachelor and master’s degrees in accounting with flexible scheduling options and curriculum designed to provide students with a business foundation as well as the skills and knowledge to be successful in the accounting industry.

Visit our program pages to help determine with degree path is right for you!

[1] O*NET Online. 2014. Accountants and Auditors.


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