Why Should I Go to College?


For centuries education has been a privilege with numerous benefits for those who are able to obtain it. The ability to finance your education and manage your time to attend a university or college were compared for years with the numerous benefits to earning your degree. As technology brought new ways to attend school and the ability to finance your education drastically changed in recent decades, the benefits of an education still made a case for themselves. However, recent economic challenges and changes in the higher education system have some students still asking: why should I go to college?

While you may know some of the benefits of earning your degree—It’s still an important question to ask yourself as you prepare for your future and make decisions for what is ahead. We’ve taken a look at the the top three reasons students should go to college and earn a degree.


  1. Earn More: Financial opportunity
  2. Learn More: Filling the gap
  3. Share More: Gaining more than money


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