New Beginnings: 3 incredible reasons to pursue your passions in 2015


There’s something truly exciting about a new year. Maybe it’s the romantic idea that life gives you a fresh start with the new calendar or maybe it’s finally saying goodbye to the troubles of last year. Either way you look at it, now is a great time to start your new beginning. Here are some incredible reasons why.
1.   A new year means new beginnings

While it’s true that many of us start our new year with some simple resolutions that are never truly met—there’s something about a new calendar year that gives you the inspiration you need to make a change. Maybe it’s the excitement of not knowing what’s to come or maybe it’s the hope that this year will finally be the year we change our lives. Whatever the case…use that motivation! It may just be another day on the calendar, but it only takes one day to change all the rest. Find a friend to keep you accountable for following your dreams… then make them happen!

2.   The world around you demands it… and you should too!

We’ve long since heard that America is the land of opportunity, but today more than ever there are numerous opportunities for people from all walks of life to really pursue their dreams. Earning your degree is now possible through flexible scheduling and financial planning and with numerous statistics that show the potential financial and job opportunities resulting from earning your degree—what’s stopping you?!  (Want to know more about the benefits of earning your degree? Download our free ebook, Why Should I Go to College?)

3.   It’s never too late

We’ll try not to break out anymore of the clichés and overused quotes about changing the end of your story… but we are going to give you a story to reinforce this notion.

Meet Missy: Grandmother and mother of five children, Missy, worked two jobs outside the home to help support her family. But after her kids were grown and she had spent over 20 years in the medical field, Missy decided she wanted to do something for herself, her kids and her now three grandchildren. “I want to leave a legacy for all my grandkids,” she said.  Missy graduated with her bachelor’s degree and is now working on her master’s degree. “Don’t let anyone or anything stop you from getting your education,” she advises others. “Go for your dream and have fun doing it.” 


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