Meet NAU Student, Dali Ketcham


Dali is a military wife and mother of two, pursuing her Bachelor of Science in Healthcare Management. “I love my family and because of that I needed to get my degree in dali2something I love and set and an example.”
Dali says pursuing her degree in Healthcare Management has already changed her life and now she has time for herself to pursue something she’s truly passionate about. “My love of the field, job stability and contributing to a healthier society motivated me to pursue Healthcare Management.” She adds that her family and advisor have also been a big motivator because they believe in her and she hopes to make them proud.

NAU’s support has been a contributing factor in her success so far. She says the support from her advisor and professors has helped her get closer to her goal: her anticipated graduation expected in 2016. After graduation, Dali plans to work at a hospital near family.

Keep working hard Dali—we believe in you!

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