What Does “Traditional Student” Even Mean in America Today?


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Is there such a thing as the traditional student nowadays? The American Association of State Colleges and Universities (AASCU) reported on data by the marketing firm Stamats that suggested that as few as 16 percent of college students are the typical “traditional” student. By traditional, they referred to individuals between the ages of 18-22 who received parental financial support and lived on campus.

The other 84% are probably individuals just like you: A single mom who is looking to better your life and those of your children; a middle-aged adult who is looking to make a career transition over to something that is more in line with your goals; a part-time student who recently graduated from high school but needs to work full-time to make ends meet. These students need a university that understands their needs.

What Is Today’s College Student Looking For?

  • Financial support
  • Online course offerings
  • Evening classes
  • Personal advising
  • Extended instructor office hours

Today’s college students come from all walks of life—that’s why they need a university that caters to the unique challenges they face, such as limited time or financial resources and life responsibilities other than their education.

The American Way

National American University was founded in 1941 to give every American an opportunity to earn a quality education. This comes first through a number of academic programs that prepare students for today’s in-demand career fields: business, accounting, IT, nursing, criminal justice, and more. However, the American Way is about much more than just providing an opportunity. It also means giving students the freedom to choose their own paths with personal support to ensure that they get there.

National American University offers a number of different services to support students who want to pursue a college degree. These services include:

The truth is that there is no such thing as the “traditional student.” If you have a desire to earn a degree to qualify for a new career or for academic fulfillment, there are opportunities at your disposal. We invite you to visit National American University today to learn how you can reach your education goals.


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