Meet 2013 Gradute: Nykki Stock


A former military servicemember, Nykki earned a Bachelor of Science in Healthcare Management at National American University. “My life was rather incomplete without my degree. While I had an associate’s degree, I knew that I needed more as I transitioned from military life to civilian life.”  Nykki says she was given a huge opportunity to use both her military skills and her degree and is now employed with the largest healthcare NykkiStockorganization in Kansas!
“NAU prepared me for my career field in a couple of ways. First the staff gave me the support that I needed throughout the pursuit of my degree. Second, the instructors for my core courses were extremely knowledgeable and brought in real time situations because health care has been in a constant state of change.”

Nykki was able to take her military experience and education and find the right path for her success. “The return on investment was immeasurable because I was able to gain a career with the largest healthcare organization in Kansas. This opportunity is not just a job but it’s a career of which would give me the experience that I need to put my degree to use.”


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