Meet NAU Graduate: Joyce Engen


After spending over 21 years as a transcriptionist, Joyce Engen was burned out.  She was working from home and felt socially isolated—so Joyce decided to make a change. “NAU offered the flexibility in the schedule that allowed me to work part-time jobs around my school schedule.”  Despite challenges that came along the way, Joyce was able to complete her Associate of Applied Science in Medical Assisting degree in 2013—making a huge change for herself and her happiness. “I feel excited now about getting up and going to work.  The interactions I have with staff and patients make my day – everyday.”Joyce Engen 2014 (2)
Now employed at North Memorial, Joyce will work in 13 different clinics to cover long-term absences such as maternity or disability leaves. “It’s pretty exciting to continue meeting new people and learn so much more!”

Working as a Medical Assistant ever since graduation, Joyce says she feels blessed to be have earned her degree and move so quickly into her career field. “I have also gained so much confidence in myself.  I feel like I received a good foundation to build on, and so my work life has blossomed.” Joyce says her next goal is to study for, and pass, the limited scope x-ray examination so she can make myself more valuable to her employer and broaden her skills set. Best wishes Joyce!


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