So You Want to Be a Medical Coder?


If you’re very detail-oriented and want to help patients receive the care they need without any billing hiccups, a career in medical, coding may be a viable option. Medical coders enjoy a healthy salary, stability in the job market, and the satisfaction of making a difference in people’s lives. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, medical coders, or health information technicians, make a median pay of nearly $35,000. The field is expected to grow 22% from 2012 to 2022, which is much faster than the national average.

What Does a Medical Coder Do?

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that there are more than 9,800 CPT codes (all health services provided by doctors and facilities) and another 14,000 ICD-9-CM (medical diagnoses) codes in our healthcare system today? It is the job of a medical coder to accurately assign codes to ensure that the facility is reimbursed correctly. You must not only read doctors’ and nurses’ notes carefully to itemize any treatments prescribed; you must also look over patient’s charts to become familiar with the diagnosis and subsequent care. Incorrect coding could cause a billing headache for the facility and may even result in lost revenue. Coders must be aware of all current and new regulations with regards to medical coding as well.

Where Do Medical Coders Work?

Medical coders work in a variety of healthcare settings. Some work in hospitals and physician’s offices, while others work for insurance companies or even government agencies.

What Does the Healthcare Coding Diploma Program at NAU Consist Of?

The Healthcare Coding Diploma Program at National American University is a comprehensive program that allows students to learn the basic principles and standards of coding. Once completing the program, graduates will have the background necessary to assign ICD and CPT codes on impatient and outpatient records, properly collect and maintain paper and electronic health records, and adequately apply billing and reimbursement processes in a healthcare setting.  Graduates will also be prepared for the Certified Coding Associate (CCA). This highly sought after credential is looked on favorably by any employer looking for skilled medical coders.

The Healthcare Coding Diploma is offered online and at a number of National American University campuses across the country. If you’re looking at online healthcare schools or a healthcare school near you for greater flexibility and convenience, the Healthcare Coding Diploma program fits within your career and personal responsibilities. Visit today to learn more about this exciting program for an in-demand career.


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