How to Choose a College Degree Field


November is the time of year when college graduates must begin repaying their student loans. Although many are able to find jobs in their field to help them start their lives and pay back their loans, “employability” can depend on a number of factors, including where they live, the amount of networking they’ve completed, and the type of degree they earned.

While you can certainly change your location and network more to increase your job prospects, it’s much more difficult to get into a field if you don’t have the prerequisite degree. Therefore, choosing the right type of degree in a field that is hiring is a crucial decision you’ll need to make long before you graduate.

Discover College Degree Fields About Which You Are Passionate

First and foremost, you’ll want to pick a field that you are passionate about. Have you always been good with numbers? A degree in accounting or an online business degree might make a lot of sense. Are you somebody who has always been interested in law and justice, but don’t want to make the commitment to go to law school? You may want to look into a paralegal degree. The first step in choosing a field is to find something that you can see yourself doing for a significant amount of time.

Consider Job Prospects with the Degree Program

Another will be job availability. Unfortunately, the job prospects for some fields are not what they once were. This comes from advancements in technology and societal changes among other factors. For example, the newspaper publishing industry has diminished significantly with the advent of the internet and social media. You need to find a career that not only is in demand now but should remain so for the foreseeable future.

Meet with College Advisors or Professionals

Do you want to find out how exactly certain college degree programs match your interests and future plans? Connect with college advisors or professionals. They have the skills and experience to give you the advice you need to make the appropriate decision. Advisors and professionals also tell what to expect with certain programs.

Research Schools that Offer Target Degree Programs

The next step is to create a list of target schools that offer your preferred degree programs. If you’re interested in business, find schools that offer business programs. Then, explore these programs to determine how they match your interests.

After you figure out your top colleges, research these schools more to find out about tuition, location, and everything else that impacts your final decision.


National American University has undergraduate programs in fields coinciding with today’s hottest careers. These are fields that will be in constant demand for the foreseeable future due to worker shortages, increased needs, and a dearth of specialized skills required to complete the required tasks.

For example, we have a number of degree opportunities in healthcare. The healthcare industry is one of the fastest-growing industries in the country, and demand will grow as more professionals retire. In fact, there may be labor shortages in healthcare as the population ages as the Baby Boomers retire and more require care. Those in the field with a healthcare degree will enjoy stability and higher pay as healthcare organizations compete to retain top talent. Other industries like information technology might see labor shortages as well.

Therefore, when choosing a degree field, pick something aligned to your passions as closely as possible, but also look at fields where you know you’ll be able to find a job once you do graduate. A degree from National American University could help you ensure you have a degree in a field where you will be able to find a job.




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