Meet Diamond


Diamond’s reason for going back to school: Better Future

“Without an education in today’s world it is hard to succeed, make a decent amount of money, or to plan for a better future for not only myself but my family as well.” For NAU student, Diamond Moore, these things played an important role in her decision to go back to school. “My reason for going back to school is to not only to further my education but to give back to the community and give my future family the meaning of a successful and positive example.”Diamond

Diamond decided to pursue her degree in nursing at NAU, and felt that she didn’t choose NAU but NAU chose her. “I feel as though NAU gave me a second chance compared to other institutions that I have attended. They have helped support me with any problems or questions that I may have.” After Diamond graduates with her degree, she plans on furthering her education in the medical field until she obtains her medical degree (MD) so she can become a pediatric doctor and open her own clinic.

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