Meet Mary Goetz


Mary’s reason for going back to school: to pursue her degree, just like her daughter.

Mary Goetz’s daughter was her reason for why she decided to get back into school to pursue her degree. “Before attending NAU I was jumping around in the medical field as a PCA and a nursing assistant. I never thought about going to school to get a degree until my daughter was enrolled at NAU.” And it was her daughter’s hard work that helped motivate Mary to keep going.”I was tired of the go no-where career and my daughter’s upcoming graduation motivated me to enroll in school.”

Mary Goetz

Seeing her daughter about to finish her degree helped Mary see the opportunities she could have by also earning her degree. The support that I receive from her and my family is what helps to keep me on track towards my goals.”  Once Mary graduates, she plans on working in the medical field as a medical assistant.

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