Going Back to School to Get Your BSN at National American University


Are you currently a registered nurse who is looking for new opportunities and the ability to take on more leadership responsibilities? Do you have a dream of one day earning your Master’s in Nursing or even your Ph.D. to become an advanced practice registered nurse? If you are a registered nurse and are looking to earn your BSN, the RN to BSN online degree program at National American University is a convenient way to earn your degree while you work and take on other responsibilities.

Why Would an RN Need a BSN?

Increasingly, hospitals and other medical facilities are looking for applicants with a BSN for nursing positions. Because of the shortage of nurses out there to meet demand for an aging population, those with a BSN will be the best positioned to find good-paying jobs in their field. In addition to that, nurses with the BSN will be the most likely to be promoted to supervisory positions that bring additional pay and responsibilities. This is so because a BSN degree entails more coursework and clinical hours to provide additional training on nursing as well as serving in a leadership role. Nurses with an RN who are looking to take the next step should seek an RN to BSN program.


What Makes the National RN to BSN Degree Program Stand Out for Candidates?

If you are considering going back to school to get your BSN, the RN to BSN degree program at National American University offers several key advantages. First and foremost, students can benefit from taking classes online, so they can work on getting the degree without sacrificing on their professional and family responsibilities. The transition back to school is not always seamless, but an online program provides students with extra flexibility.

In addition to that, students can benefit from rolling admissions as students are admitted every quarter, and there is no application fee. In order to apply, students must have an active, unencumbered nursing license from any state in the United States.

For those who quality, the online program at NAU offers candidates innumerable benefits – both professional and personal.  If you interested in taking the next step in your nursing career, contact us today to learn more about the RN to BSN online program.


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