The NAU Roueche Graduate Center Introduces its Newest Doctoral Graduates


The following students from the Roueche Graduate Center’s Cuyahoga Community College (“Tri-C”) Cohort in Cleveland, Ohio, recently defended their dissertations, earning their Doctorates of Education in Community College Leadership:  Dr. John Capka, Dr, Courtney Clarke, Dr. Elizabeth Mathew, Dr. Sandy McKnight, Dr. Ralph Murphy II, Dr. Belinda Richardson, Dr. Robert Shirilla, Dr. Joe Wagner, and Dr. Linda Woodard.

Dr. Ernest L. Thomas, Roueche Graduate Center Faculty (left), with Dr. Ralph Murphy II.

From left, Dr. Martha Ellis, Dean of Faculty and Professor, Roueche Graduate Center; Dr. Joe Wagner, and Dr. John Roueche, President, Roueche Graduate Center.

Dr. Margaretta Mathis, Senior Vice President and Dean of Master’s and Doctoral Program, Roueche Graduate Center (left), with Dr. Courtney Clarke.

Dr. Rebecca Paneitz (left) with Dr. Robert Shirilla.


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