Rapid City/ Distance Learning Academic Advisors Provide Study Tips for Finals Week!


With finals week going on, things can sometimes get a little stressful. No need to worry – the academics team from the Rapid City/Online campus compiled some of their best study tips for you in three short videos below! We encourage you to watch these. As a reminder, if you need anything please contact your academic advisor. Good luck on your finals! 

Study Tips #1-2
Utilize your textbooks for the helpful end of chapter information and if you’re behind in your classes start with this week’s assignments and then work backward. Watch the full video here

Study Tips #3-5
Know where your course schedule is located, see these important deadlines, and don’t forget to order your books if you are taking summer classes! Watch the full video here

Study Tips #6-7. 
Don’t forget to take breaks and minimize distractions! Watch the full video here.


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