Online vs. On-Campus Classes


Every student has a different preference on how they want to receive their education. At National American University, we offer several different ways to help students earn their degree based on their different learning styles. Below are a few different educational paths to help fit your learning style.
For some of you, classes on-campus is the only way to go! You may like to have the teacher right there in front of you teaching you the lesson or having someone hold you accountable for being in the classroom. The on-campus setting may be something you are more familiar with, since high school and community colleges typically have on campus classes for students. Another main reason we typically see students choose the on-campus setting is based on the program of their choice. For example, our nursing or surgical tech students can not complete certain courses online. In order to learn the required hands on experience, some classes require an instructor to teach it to you.

For many working adults, online may be the only option. If you have a hectic work schedule or a schedule that changes a lot, online may be the best way to earn your degree. Being an online student, you are able to set your own pace and schedule for when you can work on homework. Many of our students with children say the best time for them to work on homework is at night after their kids go to bed. Online is also a good option for you if you are able to discipline yourself to work on your classes. Some of our students like to go to the library or a coffee shop on certain days of the week as though they are actually going to class in order to get their homework done.

A new way of learning is called blended courses. Blended courses are a combination of both on-campus and online classroom settings. If you are enrolled in a blended course, you will physically go to the classroom at your campus and then log into a virtual classroom. There could be other fellow classmates with you at your campus or you may only have classmates that virtually log in. Your instructor is typically not located in the classroom but you can all see each other and interact with one another as though you are all located in the same place via provided the NAU technology. This allows you to chat, see each other, and even see presentations all at the same time.

These are the main ways National American University is able to help you with earning your degree. We want you to choose the educational path that help you succeed. If your program allows it, you can also switch between the different types of settings depending on the class you take. If you have been wanting to get started with your education, please reach out to us today and we can help explain more in-depth what your different options are based on the degree program you are wanting to pursue.


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