Which Field of National Security is Right for Me?


If you are motivated to dedicate your talents to a career in national security, it is important to carefully consider which specific field you wish to enter. The Henley Putnam School of Strategic Studies is a highly specialized institution, focusing on programs in the fields of national security. Henley Putnam offers programs in Terrorism and Counterterrorism studies, Intelligence Management studies, Nuclear Enterprise Security/Studies, and Strategic Security and Protection Management. Before you take the next step in your national security studies, read on to learn more about which field is right for you.

Terrorism and Counterterrorism

Terrorism and Counterterrorism is the branch of national security in which the intentions, motivations, plans and capabilities of foreign terrorist groups are analyzed and assessed in order to identify specific threats to the U.S. and our interests. Counterterrorism professionals are expert analysts, studying and evaluating information from a wide variety of sources in order to develop “meaningful and usable” intelligence assessments. Intelligence information may come through foreign newspapers, foreign broadcasts, human intelligence, and satellite surveillance, and can often be incomplete or conflicting. Because of this, a great deal of in-depth research, extended surveillance periods and patience are necessary. Responsibilities for these national security professionals may include:

  • Analyzing information on terrorist groups in order to gain an understanding of their activities, objectives, and plans
  • Producing written intelligence products regarding their findings
  • Briefing U.S. policymakers and foreign partners
  • Briefing military officials and intelligence partners
  • Providing analytic support to law enforcement and U.S. partners
  • Supporting intelligence operations by highlighting counterterrorism targeting opportunities

Terrorism and Counterterrorism Degree Programs

The Henley Putnam School of Strategic Studies offers online certificate, Bachelor’s and Master’s Degree programs in the field of Terrorism and Counterterrorism studies. Students learn concepts including threat management, terrorist techniques, counterterrorism studies and strategy, and counterterrorism training. Instructors emphasize the importance of understanding religious extremism, terrorism history, and strategic counterterrorism policy. Henley-Putnam’s programs teach students how to both address the conditions that are conducive to the spread of terrorism, and develop strategies to defeat terrorism and keep the nation and our international partners safe.

Intelligence Management

Intelligence Management is another very important field in national security. Intelligence is information that has been collected and developed for action, and Intelligence Management professionals are the national security professionals who compile this information in order to show the intentions and capabilities of foreign entities that are of strategic importance. Intelligence management processes allow decisions to be made about priorities and tactical options, and intelligence collection is a continuous and ongoing process. Individuals involved in intelligence collection must be specially trained and have specific, critical skills to perform their work successfully.

Intelligence Management Degree Programs

Henley-Putnam offers a number of options for individuals interested in Intelligence, including a Bachelor’s degree in Intelligence Management, a Master’s degree in Intelligence Management, and several entry-level, mid-level, and senior certificates in intelligence collection, analysis, and management. The Intelligence programs at Henley-Putnam teach students to understand how intelligence manifests itself in many ways and how to analyze and understand what and where intelligence can be found as well as how it can be used. Students in the intelligence programs learn to:

  • Analyze intelligence issues or challenges
  • Identify, describe and critically evaluate information sources and applicable intelligence technologies
  • Appraise contemporary and emergent threats, challenges and issues within a sphere of the security industry such as business, law enforcement, homeland security, national security or regional studies
  • Identify and apply professional ethics to the intelligence field
  • Work collaboratively with a diverse group
  • Develop general professional written and oral reports and presentations that are relevant to security industry decision-makers

Strategic Security and Protection Management

The important field of Strategic Security and Protection Management is based on comprehensive, fundamental and long-term conceptions of safety conditions inside and around companies or organizations. Protection management encompasses many areas, including threat assessment, workplace violence, cybersecurity, corporate security, intelligence gathering and intelligence analysis.

Strategic Security and Protection Management Degree Programs

At Henley-Putnam, individuals interested in Strategic Security and Protection Management have multiple programs to choose from, including a Bachelor’s degree, a Master’s degree, a Doctorate degree, and several certificate programs. Topics covered in the field of strategic security and protection management include:

  • Risk identification and risk assessment
  • Evaluation of existing security systems and facilities
  • Creation of complete security concepts
  • Property and Personal security
  • Security organization
  • Security processes
  • Material protection
  • Protection of values
  • Protection of information


If you are dedicated to pursuing a national security career, consider Henley-Putnam carefully. At Henley-Putnam, programs emphasize professionalism, proactive strategies, a thorough understanding of the dynamics of the program area, and a high-level development of skills in intelligence, counterterrorism, and protection. Courses are taught by high ranking security professionals with a strong combination of academic and operational experience. Henley-Putnam also offers 100% online programs, so you can pursue your studies while maintaining your current employment or responsibilities to your family. 


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