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with the Henley Putnam School of Strategic Security

Are you looking for a challenging, rewarding career? Would you like to contribute positively to your community and to society as a whole? Have you considered pursuing a degree in a security field? The Henley Putnam School of Strategic Security at National American University offers programs in areas including Intelligence Management, Counterterrorism, Strategic Security and Protection Management. At Henley Putnam, we believe that by advancing the understanding and skills of security professionals, we’re helping to shape a safer world.

Did you know that you can earn a degree in a field such as Intelligence Management? Many people do not realize that there are important career opportunities in the various fields of strategic security, fields that include Intelligence Management, Counterterrorism studies, Strategic Security and Protection Management, and Nuclear Enterprise Security/Studies. At the Henley Putnam School of Strategic Security we specialize in training the next generation of security professionals with our degree and certificate programs.

At Henley Putnam, you can earn your Bachelor’s degree in Intelligence Management with our 100% online program. Intelligence management professionals must be specially trained and have specific, critical skills to perform their work successfully. Intelligence management professionals are responsible for collecting information that reveals the intentions and capabilities of foreign entities that are of strategic importance and compiling intelligence information that provides a basis for decision and action.

The Bachelor’s in Intelligence Management program at Henley-Putnam teaches students to understand how intelligence manifests itself in many ways and how to analyze and understand what and where intelligence can be found as well as how it can be used.

Topics in the field of Intelligence Management include:

  • Intelligence Collection
  • History of Intelligence
  • Ethics of Security and Counterterrorism
  • Fundamentals of Analysis
  • Operational Security
  • Covert Action
  • Counterintelligence

Students in the intelligence programs learn to:

  • Analyze intelligence issues or challenges
  • Identify, describe and critically evaluate information sources and applicable intelligence technologies
  • Appraise contemporary and emergent threats, challenges and issues within a sphere of the security industry such as business, law enforcement, homeland security, national security or regional studies
  • Identify and apply professional ethics to the intelligence field
  • Work collaboratively with a diverse group
  • Develop general professional written and oral reports and presentations that are relevant to security industry decision-makers

At Henley Putnam, courses and programs are taught by national security professionals who have served in high-ranking roles in top organizations and have years of experience in the field. Students benefit from experts who share real-world knowledge of field operations, as well as the most current tactical insights. Henley Putnam instructors are also committed to providing the type of guidance and accessibility not found in the traditional classroom. Programs emphasize professionalism, proactive strategies, a thorough understanding of the dynamics of the program area, and a high-level development of skills in intelligence, counterterrorism, and protection.

Henley-Putnam is a school within National American University, a nationally recognized, Higher Learning Commission- accredited institution, providing specialized instruction for security professionals. Henley Putnam offers Bachelor’s, Master’s, and Doctoral programs, as well as professional certificates. All courses and programs are offered online, so that students may customize their schedule to best fit their busy lives. Because so many of our students are active or reserve military, Henley Putnam offers courses available 24/7, and monthly program starts to allow for TDYs, deployments, and PCS moves.

If you are ready to find out more about earning your Bachelor’s degree in Intelligence Management with the Henley Putnam School of Strategic Security, visit our website at https://henley-putnam.national.edu. To speak with your very own Enrollment Counselor about how to get started, call us at 1-855-246-7440 or email HenleyPutnam@national.edu. Why wait? Give us a call today!


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