How COVID-19 Changes the Future of Healthcare


Coronavirus changing the future of healthcare

Many areas of healthcare were already evolving to meet the challenges of rising costs, competing priorities, and a lack of resources. COVID-19 brought some of these issues to a tipping point. We asked our NAU healthcare faculty members, some of whom are on the front lines of providing care, what’s changing as a result of COVID-19 and how it will impact the future of healthcare.

Skills and Qualifications Are Imp0rtant for Healthcare Workers

“The healthcare industry has seen many changes over the past decade, and due to the COVID-19 pandemic it will continue to experience unprecedented change. The future of healthcare will reside in the hands of qualified, highly trained individuals who can build, maintain and carry forward quality care delivery across the continuum, introduce innovative economics and business practices, while preparing responsive teams for long term necessities and meeting demands for astute disaster preparedness.” ~ R. Vivian Derby | Nurse – Monument Health (Retired)

Telehealth Is Critical for Healthcare with COVID-19

“The pandemic is precipitating monumental changes in healthcare delivery with the vast adoption of telehealth. Prior to the pandemic the scope of telehealth services provided was limited and presented reimbursement challenges. In the recent weeks, these barriers have been lifted resulting in widespread adoption. It’s been a transformational process and many patients as consumers are driving its continued convenience. My company recently escalated the build timeline for a planned Remote Patient Monitoring software to meet the immediate needs of dementia patients in California. The software design was easily adapted to leverage telehealth visits with this vulnerable patient population. It’s truly incredible to be involved in this industry and see the positive outcomes stemming from an otherwise heartbreaking season.”~ Sarah Covington | COO – AIE Technology Solutions, Inc.

Medical Billing and Coding Requires New Technology

“We are seeing many doctor’s appointments being performed with the aid of telemedicine. This opens up a new area for billing, coding and the look of the information that is now part of our Electronic Health Record. Since we are not allowing patient walk-ins we are now releasing health information, with the proper authorization, via fax, phone and mail. And within the community we are continuing our backpack program for 250 local elementary school students with the backpacks of food now being delivered by school buses running their routes.” ~ Julie A. Stiers | NAU Faculty


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