How to Get a Higher Return on Your College Investment


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It’s a fact that higher education pays. Most studies show that employees with a bachelor’s degree earn an average of 60% more per year than those with no education beyond a high school diploma. That additional salary goes a long way toward increasing the return on investment for an undergraduate degree. And while ROI can vary by degree, lowering the overall cost of education will help recoup that investment sooner.

Take Advantage of Undergraduate Tuition Structures

National American University recently introduced a game-changing new undergraduate tuition structure that helps make an online degree even more cost-effective and rewards students’ commitment to graduate. NAU’s innovative tuition structure offers a lower base tuition rate and reduces the cost per credit hour as students get closer to completing their degree program. Although the new tuition structure may not apply to all of NAU’s programs and students, it can help many save thousands of dollars on the overall cost of their education and reduce their student loan debt at graduation.

NAU’s new tuition structure goes into effect for classes that begin June 1, 2020.  Eligible new and current students enrolled in NAU’s online certificate, diploma, associate and bachelor’s degree programs that start June 1st will be the first to benefit. Under the tiered tuition plan, the cost per credit hour decreases incrementally from $370 to $296 per credit hour, representing reductions of 10-20% as students earn more credit hours toward their undergraduate degree program. Returning alumni receive an additional reduction, lowering their cost of tuition even further.

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You May Save Money with Transferred Credits

Students can realize immediate savings by transferring credits from previously earned education to NAU and receiving a tuition reduction based on transcript evaluation and number of credits earned at time of enrollment. For example, an undergraduate student with 46 transfer credits will immediately receive a 10% tuition reduction on enrollment. Students who transfer 136 credit hours or more will receive a reductions of 20%.


NAU continually innovates to help students balance the cost of their education with other financial obligations. The new tuition structure is just one more way we support our students’ educational journeys, every step of the way!

Talk to an enrollment counselor at 800.609.1434 to find out how you can benefit from NAU’s new undergraduate tuition structure.


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