10 Ways to Increase Confidence at Work


Many professionals struggle with a lack of confidence in our abilities, in our skillsets, and in our potential. Here at National American University (NAU), our goal is to empower our students and to help them create opportunities to achieve their dreams. How do we overcome that fear? Below, are a few tips to improve your confidence:

How to Increase Confidence at Work

  • Look your best. This may seem obvious, but it can be a challenge to put effort into your appearance if you don’t think it’s worth it. You are worth the effort, and your career is worth the effort. Looking professional and presentable each day will make you look put together, even if you don’t always feel it.
  • Create a morning routine for yourself. Even if a task is simple, like brushing your teeth, being able to start the morning accomplishing something will put you in a productive mindset and make you feel more able to conquer the day.
  • Look in the mirror and smile. You may feel silly the first few times you do so, but studies show that smiling, even if on purpose, releases neuropeptides and neurotransmitters which make your brain happy and healthy.
  • Stand tall.  When you are at a desk leaning over a computer all day, your posture suffers. Remind yourself to stand tall with your shoulders back and your chin up. You will appear more confident
  • Don’t let fear get in your way. Fear creeps in when you aren’t sure of yourself and your abilities. You won’t be able to grow and feel more confident until you try to overcome that fear.
  • Get Prepared. Don’t overthink, but if you prepare for a challenge in advance, you will feel more comfortable and surer when handling the situation. Wanting to ask your boss for a raise? Prepare what you’ll say and know that you’ll do better in the moment because of your preparation.
  • Change a small habit. You can accomplish this by either adding a healthy habit or stopping a negative habit. Instead of not having breakfast, make it a habit to add some fruit or a protein bar to your morning. If you spend too much time on your phone at work, try locking your phone in a drawer until you accomplish a set number of tasks.
  • Empower yourself with knowledge. If you feel unsure of yourself on a topic at work, learn what you can about it. There is no reason to feel intimidated by something when you have peers and the internet to help you better understand.
  • Clean and organize your desk. You will feel better and more on top of your game when you are working in an organized and productive environment. When your desk is messy, it adds to the chaos you feel. Clearing off your desk is a small step towards getting your life under control.
  • Uncover what gives you confidence. There’s no one-size-fits-all guide to building confidence. If there are certain things that make you feel confident, fill your life with them. Figure out what you’re good at figure out how you can use that to your advantage in all work situations.


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