What Jobs Can You Get with an Accounting Degree? 


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One of the best reasons to earn an accounting degree is that you can use it for so many different career paths. If you enjoy working with numbers and collaborating with others, an accounting degree may be a worthwhile path to pursue. Whether you work for a small non-profit, multinational corporation, hospital, or even within law enforcement, the possibilities are numerous. Here are just a few of the types of jobs you can get with an accounting degree:

  • Bookkeeper: At the outset of your career, you might consider becoming a bookkeeper. In this important role you will pay the bills, send out invoices, collect payments from customers, and update the company’s financial records. You could work for a small or large company, or you could take your skills to several companies and work independently.
  • Tax Preparer: Whether it’s helping individuals or large corporations to complete their tax returns, as a tax preparer you will also recommend ways to save money on taxes while following all international regulations and U.S. federal and state laws. Tax preparers earn an average salary of $49,550 with better than average job growth predicted.
  • Environmental Accountant: In this career you can combine your passion for the environment along with your expertise in using numbers. You will analyze how company decisions impact the environment, report on the fiscal impacts of new regulations, and make cost-benefit recommendations regarding new projects. Environmental consultants earn an average salary of $61,018 per year.
  • Cost Estimator: Specializing in a particular industry, you will collect and analyze data to estimate the time, money, materials and labor required to manufacture a product, construct a building or provide a service. Cost estimators earn a median salary of $65,250 per year.
  • Forensic Accountant: While working for a law enforcement agency, you will look for signs of money laundering and examine data to determine where missing money has gone. You could be called to present your evidence during a criminal trial as an expert witness. Forensic accountants earn an average salary of $68,924 per year.
  • Certified Public Accountant: As a CPA, you will learn about many different industries as you travel to companies to audit their financial records to ensure they are complying with accounting regulations and reporting accurate numbers to stockholders. for Accountants and auditors can earn a median salary of $71,550, with average job growth predicted through 2029. You will need to take acquire additional certification to serve as a CPA.
  • Financial Analyst: You will collect data, organize information, and analyze historical results to make forecasts and generate financial reports. The median salary for financial analysts is $81,590 per year with a faster than average job growth predicted through 2029.
  • Personal Finance Advisor: People of all ages need help in managing their money and their investments. As a financial advisor, you will meet with clients to help them understand the current state of their finances, and recommend investment strategies to meet their goals for retirement, saving for college, or protecting their assets for future generations. You will need to take additional classes in financial planning to qualify for the role and will need professional certification. Personal finance advisors earn a median salary of $87,850.
  • Accounting Software Developer: Financial professionals are always looking for ways to streamline their workload using technology. If you have a knack for numbers and technology, you could combine your expertise in accounting and computer science to design programs to meet specific needs in reporting and analysis. A related career is Accounting Information Technology specialist. Software developers earn a median salary of $107,510 per year with a much faster than average job growth predicted.
  • Actuary: An Actuary generally works for an insurance company or in risk management in a large corporation. You would help determine how much to charge for auto, life or homeowners’ insurance, and assist companies in managing any financial risk. Actuaries earn a median salary of $108,350 per year with a much faster than average job growth outlook through 2029.


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