NAU Alumni Spotlight: Jonathan H. – Information Technology


National American University Alumni Spotlight:

Jonathan H. – Bachelor’s in Information Technology, Emphasis in Cybersecurity and Forensics, Class of 2020


National American University (NAU) alumnus, Jonathan H., earned his bachelor’s degree in Information Technology (IT) with an emphasis in Cybersecurity and Forensics from NAU in 2020. He is currently enrolled in the Master of Management degree program and is looking forward to the opportunities this advanced degree will bring in the civilian world. Jonathan has served in the Air Force for 12 years and is planning to retire within the next few years. In his spare time, Jonathan likes to weight lift, play video games and cook with his wife and kids.

We asked him a few questions about what he does and his experience at NAU.

What is your occupation?

I am the NCO in charge of the accessory section of the 388 Maintenance Squadron at Hill Air Force Base. We take engines out of F-16s that are shipped to us. We completely tear them down and build them back up for time change, then send them back to our customers.

What led you to starting your master’s degree?

What I’d like to do after I’ve retired from the Air Force is to get into an industry like cybersecurity, but in a management or IT management role. There are a lot of opportunities around where I live and in my home state of Oregon. I’m looking at places we want to live and making sure I have a good paying job so I can take care of my family after the Air Force.

Why did you choose at enroll in the information technology degree program at NAU?

I started at NAU when I was located at Ellsworth Air Force Base in South Dakota, where they had a campus on base. I started off just taking a speech class and then finished my associate degree. I really liked all the faculty I worked with and was able to meet some people, who then encouraged me to pursue a bachelor’s degree. I chose cybersecurity because I thought it was a cool career path, even though it has nothing to do with my Air Force job. I thought it was interesting though and kept taking classes, earning my bachelor’s degree last year while I was in Korea.

How did you feel about online courses?

I really liked the online portion of my program. All the faculty members that I worked with were very helpful and made the degree path straightforward, as far as putting the work in and getting everything done.

Were you able to build relationships with the faculty?

Yeah, even when I was over in Korea, they responded in a timely manner. The only way I had to get ahold of them in my position was through email and they always responded within a couple of days. The in-class faculty I had while at Ellsworth AFB in South Dakota was amazing as well.

Is there a specific memory you have about your time at NAU?

One of the English teachers at Ellsworth was a hilarious, older guy that had all sorts of interesting stories and experiences that he shared with us. He was a fun guy to talk to about life and the subjects we were covering in class. It was my last English technical writing or composition class.

Watch Jonathan’s full alumni spotlight interview below!

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