Why Online Classes Are Not Hard in College


online student during class

You don’t need to be a computer expert to do well in online classes. There are lots of tips on how to learn online and if you are self-motivated, attend classes regularly, and complete homework assignments on time, you can succeed. The learning management systems (LMS) used to present course material online are very easy to navigate. You’ll be able learn what you need and gain valuable tech skills along the way.

Learning Management Systems Make It Easy to Learn Online

Your online classes will take place using a learning management system such as Blackboard, Canvas, or D2L. This is your one-stop portal to all your courses, materials, assignments, tests, resources, and forums. It’s how you can communicate with professors and classmates. There’s even a calendar app built in that can show you what’s coming due and let you view assignments by day, week, and month. The systems are extremely user-friendly and intuitive.

Tech Support When You Need It

Most schools understand that when you’re learning online, you get to choose when you learn. And you don’t want a tech snafu to stand in your way of accomplishing a task or submitting an assignment. Look for an online program that offers 24/7 support and virtual assistants right on their websites. When you have a question, you want an answer—quickly.

Same Content as In-Person Learning

With online learning, the course content and student outcomes will be the same as you would find in a traditional classroom. But you might find it even more interesting! Your classes might include demonstrations, videos, simulations, games, and interactive exercises that make learning easy and even fun.

Learn at Your Own Pace With Remote Instruction

Some parts of a class will be very easy for you while others might be more of a challenge. You get to set your own pace and breeze through the material you already know and spend more time on the areas you find more difficult. You can view the course material as many times as you want and can click on “find” to zero in on a particular topic.

Plenty of Online Resources to Make Learning Easy

Your course content will include links to online articles and even social media to further explain a particular topic. With a simple click you can obtain additional information or a different point of view about what you study.

Engage with Your Instructors

Even though you will not be in an actual classroom with your professors, you can still engage with them via your LMS and email. They also host virtual office hours. And they can point you in the direction of additional resources if you need extra help or information.

Collaborate with Peers Online and Offline

You’ll learn a lot from course content and your instructors, but you can also learn from your peers. There will be opportunities to connect with other students both in-person and online. You can meet with a small study group or use chat forums for online discussions. Collaborate on projects, live share documents, get on a video conference. You’re in this together, so get to know the classmates who could become your colleagues.


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