What Are the Responsibilities of an Aviation Manager?


aviation management career
When you take a flight across the country, you may not realize all that goes into getting you to your destination. In addition to the people you see, like ticket agents, baggage handlers, pilots, and flight attendants, there is a whole team behind the scenes working to make sure everything runs smoothly and safely. And at the helm is likely an aviation manager who oversees operations. Your exact job responsibilities as an aviation manager would depend on where you work, but you would have a lot to do regardless of your location or department. From planning flights, to following safety protocols, you oversee what goes into ensuring safe flights and happy customers. If you have an interest in aviation management, here are some of the responsibilities you might expect to take on:

Oversee Flights

As an aviation manager, you oversee flight plans, aircraft schedules, equipment maintenance, and flight crew management. You handle passenger communication protocols about flight issues and ensure accommodations are made or refunds given when flights are cancelled or delayed. You also communicate with air traffic control and handle the arrival and departure of VIPs.

Ensure Safety

Safety is the top priority in aviation. You need to follow regulations and create policies and procedures that ensure your passengers and staff are safe at all times. You oversee aircraft and facility inspections and coordinate regular maintenance. If an accident occurs—whether in the air or on the tarmac—you review the reports and assist with the investigation. You also maintain safety records, and work with emergency responders to monitor the weather for potential disturbances that could interfere with aviation activities. And you stay informed of updates to aviation standards, policies, and laws and communicate those changes to personnel.

Manage the Budget

You supervise the planning and preparation of the annual budget and assist by forecasting future expenses. You also prepare financial reports and share them with senior executives and stakeholders. And you may be tasked to make recommendations on which major initiatives should be funded. Then, you would manage the projects, work with vendors and contractors, and make sure that they come in on time and on budget.

Recruit Staff

An HR department might help to attract and find job applicants for you, but you need to identify positions, screen the candidates, and hire the right employees. You supervise your team and make certain that they coordinate with other departments. You provide training and professional development opportunities in areas such as customer service and diversity. And you oversee the employee evaluation process, providing advancement opportunities or terminations when necessary.

Plan for the Future

Whether you manage an airline, airport, or department, you look to the future. What long-term goals do you have for the business and how are you going to achieve them? Strategic planning allows you to set goals that benefit stakeholders, employees, and customers. If you work for an airline, your goal may be to increase your footprint in your hub or attract more customers in competitive major cities. Or maybe you work for an airport department, such as running cargo delivery. Your job is to think ahead and put systems in place that will streamline efficiency.

Your duties in aviation management will vary from setting to setting and from job to job. Airports and major airlines have lots of departments that need competent and well-trained managers. From managing freight to handling customers; from logistics to communication; from maintenance to IT; from security to PR, there are many specialties that might fit your personal skills and interests.

With a career in aviation management, the sky’s the limit. You can explore various career paths and exercise skills in leadership, planning, problem solving, and decision making. If you’re ready to get started, contact National American University today. We offer an online bachelor’s degree in Aviation Management that can prepare you to work for an airline, airport, or aircraft manufacturer. Call 800-209-0182 or click Learn More to request more information.


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