National American University: A Day of Service that Inspires Change


On September 11, 2023, National American University (NAU) brought together a remarkable community of students, employees, and faculty for the NAU Day of Service. This event showcased the incredible efforts and dedication of individuals affiliated with NAU, who contributed in their own unique ways to create a positive impact on their communities.

Here’s a glimpse into what some of the incredible individuals associated with NAU did for their Day of Service:

Mindy Haerer, Rapid City, SD: Despite family obligations, Mindy Haerer showed her commitment to her community by cleaning up the area between the Interstate and the railroad tracks, picking up trash that might otherwise have been left unattended. Her effort made her local environment cleaner and safer.

Gary Pommerville, Denver, CO: Gary Pommerville lent a helping hand to senior citizens by assisting them with their technology issues. In this digital age, his support in setting up answering systems and addressing other tech-related concerns made a significant difference in their lives.

Lisa Sample, Lees Summit, MO: Lisa Sample decided to make a difference by going through her closet, kitchen, and pantry and making generous donations to her local Goodwill store. Her selflessness was evident, and the knowledge that her donations would benefit others brought her immense joy.

Diane Lang, Rapid City, SD: The Rapid City staff at NAU joined forces at Feeding South Dakota, where they sorted and repackaged 3000 pounds of potatoes to be distributed to families in need. This heartwarming initiative was not only about giving back but also about strengthening bonds among colleagues.

Tejnonique Dawson-King, California: Tejnonique Dawson-King took it upon herself to pick up trash and recyclables throughout her community, enhancing its overall appearance. Her hard work was a testament to the positive impact an individual can have on their surroundings.

Susan Noss, Boca Raton, FL: Susan Noss found solace in giving back to her favorite nature spot, an arboretum that holds great personal significance. She and her mother came together to clean this sanctuary, demonstrating the power of shared experiences and care for the environment.

Alvernia Fernandez, California: Alvernia Fernandez focused on decluttering her children’s clothes and generously donated them to the local Goodwill. Her act of kindness contributed to supporting the less fortunate.

Meghan May, Kansas City, MO: Meghan May played a vital role in restocking the community food and resource pantries with much-needed items. Her involvement in such a community-driven project exemplified the spirit of neighbors helping neighbors.

Cindy Mathena, St. Augustine, FL: NAU’s very own Interim President, Cindy Mathena, led by example as she volunteered at the St. Augustine Homeless Coalition. Her efforts in the food pantry made a significant impact, and her commitment to returning for more service highlighted her dedication.

Carol Binkley, San Antonio, TX: Carol Binkley decided to donate blood, recognizing the lasting impact this selfless act can have on the lives of others. Her reflections on the importance of blood donation underscored the profound effect such small gestures can have.

Allison Venecia, Austin, TX: Allison Venecia’s choice to donate women’s and children’s clothing to Austin Pets Alive Thrift was a heartwarming act of support. The funds generated through her donations help save the lives of countless animals.

Amber Richey-Lopez, Sturgis, SD: Amber Richey-Lopez is a consistent volunteer with Feeding South Dakota and took part in a mobile food distribution event. Her efforts made a tremendous impact on those in need, and the gratitude from the individuals she served was a testament to her dedication.

Sandra Mullins, Missouri: Sandra Mullins was dedicated to ensuring veterans had the necessary support and information for their medical needs. Her monthly donations to various organizations showed her unwavering commitment to making a difference.

Lora Griffith, Tampa, FL: Lora Griffith went above and beyond by participating in the rescue and release of five manatees trapped in a canal after a hurricane. Her work with the Clearwater Marine Aquarium showcased her dedication to protecting marine life.

The NAU Day of Service exemplifies the university’s commitment to creating a positive impact beyond the classroom. The incredible acts of service by those affiliated with NAU reflect the power of community, compassion, and the potential for positive change when individuals come together with a shared purpose. National American University takes pride in nurturing a community that values service, and we look forward to more such inspiring initiatives in the future.


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