Exploring the AI Tools at National American University’s Library: A Comprehensive Guide


Understanding Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence is “the ability of machines to learn and make decisions based on data and analytics.” (Wharton Online Blog, 2022, p. 3). Wharton Online Blog. (2022, January 19). How do businesses use artificial intelligence?  https://online.wharton.upenn.edu/blog/how-do-businesses-use-artificial-intelligence.  

At National American University’s library, AI tools open new avenues for students, offering a range of features to enhance their academic journey.

Navigating Hallucinations in AI

While utilizing AI tools like ChatGPT, users should be aware of potential inaccuracies or “hallucinations.” These are instances where the generated information may not be entirely reliable, as the model isn’t connected to the internet for real-time fact-checking.

NAU Policy on AI Tools

The NAU Academic Integrity Policy emphasizes the importance of using AI tools responsibly. Using AI to generate graded activities without explicit instruction violates the policy, and students are advised to consult their professors if unsure about the permissibility of AI use for specific assignments.

Harnessing AI for Writing Assistance

National American University’s library empowers students with AI tools for various writing tasks:

  • Brainstorming ideas
  • Narrowing research paper topics and identifying keywords
  • Generating paper topics
  • Explaining complex information
  • Summarizing and outlining
  • Asking questions without judgment
  • Translating text into different languages
  • Assisting in writing and debugging computing code

University of Arizona Libraries, licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.

Writing Effective Prompts for AI

To maximize the benefits of AI tools, students are encouraged to provide detailed instructions and context when interacting with generative language models. Continuous conversation and requests for revisions help tailor the AI-generated content to specific requirements.

Properly Citing AI-Generated Content

When incorporating AI-generated content into academic work, citing sources is crucial. An example citation for ChatGPT could look like: “When prompted with the question of why TikTok users are concerned with data privacy, the ChatGPT-generated text provided four grounds” (OpenAI, 2023). The reference format for ChatGPT is available at Open AI (2023).

AI-Based Literature Review Mapping Tools

National American University’s library provides access to powerful literature review mapping tools:

  • ResearchRabbit: A citation-based literature mapping tool for discovering recommended papers.
  • Inciteful: Utilize “Paper Discovery” and “Literature Connector” to build paper networks and understand connections between papers.
  • Citrus Search: Gain an overview of relevant articles in a research field with a single search, finding papers similar to a seed paper based on citations.

AI Tools for Job Seekers

For students entering the job market, AI tools can be invaluable:

  • JobScan: Optimize resumes, cover letters, and LinkedIn profiles.
  • Skillsyncer: Keyword scanning, ATS resume checking, and job application tracking.
  • Teal: An all-in-one job application platform with features like a job application tracker, AI resume builder, and AI cover letter builder.
  • ResumeWorded: Receive tailored feedback on resumes and LinkedIn profiles.

AI in the Practice of Law

  • AI is making waves in the legal field, offering practical guidance and assistance:
  • AI Tools for Lawyers: An October 2023 article from the Minnesota Law Review provides specific guidance on using AI large language models in legal research and writing.
  • Stacking the Deck: ABA Journal explores how AI tools help attorneys identify favorable jurors.
  • Office Aide: ChatGPT can assist attorneys in generating ideas, refining language, and structuring depositions.
  • Chatbot Lawyer: ABA Journal discusses using chatbots for legal writing, emphasizing the lawyer’s control over the final product.

As National American University integrates AI tools into its library resources, students gain access to a diverse set of capabilities, enhancing their academic and professional endeavors. Always remember to use AI responsibly and in accordance with academic integrity policies.


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