Empowering Student Success: NAU’s Collaboration with BRAINFUSE


After thoughtful research and consideration NAU has partnered with BRAINFUSE to offer its students comprehensive academic support in tutoring, personalized learning and academic success. In the world of education, National America University (NAU) is steadfast in its commitment to student success. This commitment is fortified through a strategic partnership with BRAINFUSE, a leading name in Comprehensive Academic Support.

The Collaboration: NAU and BRAINFUSE

At its core, this collaboration aims to equip students with the necessary tools for academic success. Extensive research and valuable feedback have shaped BRAINFUSE’s HelpNow Support Suite, a testament to the joint dedication of NAU and BRAINFUSE.

NAU’s Promise to Students

NAU has always been dedicated to student success, extending its commitment beyond the classroom. From enrollment to graduation, NAU prioritizes creating an environment where each student can excel academically and personally.

BRAINFUSE: A Vital Component in NAU’s Success Plan

BRAINFUSE plays a crucial role in NAU’s mission to foster student success. Certified BRAINFUSE tutors, seasoned in their roles, provide live tutoring and personalized assignment help across various subjects. This tailored support aligns seamlessly with NAU’s commitment to individualized education.

Scheduling Convenience for Students

Streamlined calendars and customizable scheduling features simplify the process for students. Quick and convenient scheduling ensures that students can access the support they need without unnecessary delays, contributing to a seamless learning experience.

Insights, Reports, and Improvement

Continuous improvement is a shared goal. BRAINFUSE’s platform offers insights and reports, empowering NAU administrators and instructors to make informed decisions. Real-time access to reports allows for proactive intervention and additional support for students facing challenges.

Writing Lab Support: Timely Assistance

Asynchronous writing lab support through BRAINFUSE complements NAU’s commitment to timely and comprehensive assistance. Instructors can easily track student submissions, ensuring a smooth workflow and timely completion of assignments.

In Conclusion: A Future of Success

Through this collaboration, NAU reaffirms its commitment to student success, forging a path where education is personalized, dynamic, and accessible. The synergy between NAU and BRAINFUSE supports academic excellence and student accomplishment, showcasing the enduring commitment of National America University to shaping the future of success.


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