Alumni Spotlight – Dr. Debbie Masten


My Educational Journey

Not long after graduating with my Master’s, the recruiter called to offer enrollment into the EdD program. I remember thinking, “How would a degree in education coincide with my current career in senior living?” Simply, actually. I quickly learned that any career can be intertwined through an education degree. The skills you learn from completing the degree will apply to anything you do.

I may be a leader in the world of senior living, but now, with an Ed D, I have the ability and knowledge to research, and critically think, and have honed my business skills to make a difference in everything I do. I capitalized on my leadership skills, learned patience and professionalism, and perfected my writing skills while proving to myself that I could do many great things with an education.

I am a traveling executive director specialist in senior living, I have published two scholarly articles and a dissertation, am SHRM-CP certified, a student coach at a state university, and am licensed as an assisted living administrator in 16 states while continuing to complete more certifications. I could not have accomplished any of these achievements without my extended education.

A doctorate will narrow your passion and allow you to build on what is important to you through every assignment, paper, Zoom class, cohort camaraderie, and dissertation. NAU strategically stacked each class and project in perfect order to give you the stepping stones to complete the degree, from the very first class to the last chapter of the dissertation. The level of support you will receive is astonishing. The doctorate team of leaders, mentors, and professors will guide you through the program with more support than you will ever imagine, which continues long after completion.

“The most difficult thing is the decision to act, the rest is merely tenacity.” – Amelia Earhart

Good luck on your journey.

Dr. Debbie Masten


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