Senior-Level Certificate in Counterterrorism


This senior-level certificate is designed for the intelligence analyst professional who wants to learn to identify known terrorist’s organizations, their perceived structure, goals and degree of operational capacity. It will familiarize the students with critical issues being debated about the WMD terrorist threat and place that threat into broader political and strategic context. The course will also discuss various measures for coping with (preventing or responding to) terrorist attacks using WMD.  And finally, students will be able to explain and discuss the history, philosophy, political and theological tenets across the modern Islamist movement, with special focus on those segments who have embraced violence.


Upon completion of this certificate, students will be able to do the following:

  • Research, discuss and analyze key concepts and issues integral to the WMD terrorist threat including terrorist capabilities and motivations.
  • Classify various psychological traits and ideologies into current accepted terrorist classifications illustrating their comprehension of this subject.
  • Synthesize a plan of action either locally, statewide or nationally to increase security against a known or perceived terrorist threat.
  • Provide recommendations on ways of addressing WMD, religious extremist, or domestic terrorism.
  • Communicate to key stakeholders the relevance of case studies in WMD terrorism and counterterrorism using effective presentations or written documents.

Course Listing (18 Credits)

TCT517     WMD Terrorism

TCT600     Advanced Counterterrorism

TCT620     Advanced Domestic Terrorism

TCT640     Advanced Islamism and Terrorism

Course availability is subject to minimum class size requirements.