Entry-level Certificate in Executive Protection


This entry-level certificate is designed to give the professional in the executive protection field or the student who is considering getting in the field, a firm understanding of why this career is more than just “body-guarding.” Executive protection in today’s world involves understanding the techniques necessary to prevent an incident, not just how to respond in time of danger. This certificate defines some of the most important issues that anyone in or considering the executive protection profession must consider in order to perform their job more effectively. Finally, this certificate will help facilitate the executive protection professional to better understand the value of advances as well as how to better recognize potential threats in order to implement effective defense measures.


Upon completion of this certificate, students will be able to do the following:

  • Identify essential qualities the security professional, past and present, must possess to better achieve his/her mission.
  • Discuss the future of executive/dignitary protection by examining the threat and the relatively inexpensive cost of protection through security contractors.
  • Discuss a variety of facts about the means and methods of protecting a person(s).
  • Describe various defensive tactics and self defense measures for the protective agent to utilize.
  • Recognize the methods used to assess potential threats.
  • Illustrate the different complexities associated with advance work.
  • Describe the logistical considerations that are included in advance work.
  • Discuss and evaluate ethical problem solving.
  • Recognize how to apply critical elements of the advance when time is limited.
  • Recognize the importance of comprehensive advance work and the role it plays in the overall relationship with the person being protected.


PHIL400     Ethics of Security and Counterterrorism

PRO375     History of Executive/Dignitary Protection

PRO466     Advance Work

PRO494     Essentials of Executive Protection

Course availability is subject to minimum class size requirements.