Certificate in Executive Protection and Event Management


Multi-disciplinary certificate in Executive Protection and Event Management. This certificate combines various aspects of advance work for executive protection with the additional aspect of event management. It addresses the necessary planning, preparation and threat assessment protocols for offsite visits to include building security. It also addresses various aspects of event management. This certificate will allow a professional to apply protection management aspects to their event planning.


Upon completion of this certificate, students will be able to do the following:

  • Apply terms and concepts related to professionally managed meetings
  • Apply terms and concepts related to meeting destination options and issues that affect the professional meeting planner.
  • Apply meeting planning procedure
  • Research information necessary to conduct a proper advance, security plan, and risk assessment.
  • Assess situations and determine the appropriate action when encountering IED’s or bombs
  • Identify and explain effective security measures while traveling
  • Write a proper advance, security plan, and risk assessment.
  • Evaluate a proposed protective security assignment and develop security plans to counter actual or perceived threats
  • Identify and evaluate human danger factors to formulate accurate risk analyses and threat assessments
  • Research, describe and articulate the practice of building security through planning and designing.
  • Analyze the primary differences between safety and security, including the appropriate level of protection required and utilization of limited resources.
  • Demonstrate, by written articulation, the proper implementation of security measures.


PRO422     Building Security

PRO433     Off-site Visits

PRO466     Advance Work

TM3100     Event and Convention Management

Course availability is subject to minimum class size requirements.