Senior-Level Certificate in Executive Protection


This senior-level certificate is designed for the executive protection professional who wants to better understand the skills necessary to develop a more complete and thorough protection package for their clients. The student will learn the value as well as the best techniques for developing information about specific areas or countries as well as get a better understanding of terrorism in today’s world.  Finally, the student will gain an understanding of the complexities and tasks associated with managing the consequences of terrorist incidents and natural disasters to be better prepared for their protection assignments.


Upon completion of this certificate, students will be able to do the following:

  • Develop a broader scope of executive protection responsibilities and be able to describe such responsibilities.
  • Discuss weaponless defense tactics.
  • Identify and list characteristics of the potentially violent individual.
  • Conduct investigative research of open source information for completion of an area study analysis.
  • Compare and contrast data to arrive at an accurate assessment of a geographical area’s capacity to affect operational capability.
  • Identify and explain the psychology, motivation, and behavioral traits that distinguish a foreign or domestic terrorist group.
  • Recognize the various behaviors inherent to terrorist groups and describe the ways the associated behaviors affect the workings of a terrorist group.
  • Describe the advantages of common communication and information management systems.
  • Describe the key ideas and principles underlying National Incident Management System (NIMS).

Senior-Level Certificate (18 Credit Hours)

INT584       Area Studies Analysis

MGT605      Advanced Consequence Management and Incident Command System

PRO500      Advanced Executive Protection

SOC571      Secret Societies

Course availability is subject to minimum class size requirements.