Advanced Certificate in Incident and Consequence Management


*This stand-alone certificate is not eligible for Title IV funding when taken outside of a full degree program.

This multi-disciplinary certificate provides the students with the opportunity to explore leadership and management challenges when dealing with emergency situations. Additionally, they will receive instruction in Incident Command Systems at all levels and review the National Incident Management System to deal with disasters. Lastly, while the focus in Crisis Negotiation is on hostage situations, the skills learned in negotiation in a crisis could apply to any crisis.


  • Evaluate issues that help managers of critical incidents utilize basic critical incident intervention skills.
  • Develop a basic strategy of critical incidents that a manager in the field would implement.
  • Demonstrate understanding and application of Incident Command System (ICS) and examine the relationship between NIMS and ICS.\
  • Describe and effectively communicate the goals of the National Response Framework (NRF) and demonstrate understanding and application of ICS, NIMS, CI and NRF concepts by applying them to natural and man-made disasters well as the protection of critical assets.
  • Describe and articulate the principles of effective communications and how communications are interactive in all modes including electronic, face-to-face, and written.
  • Demonstrate understanding and application of the goals, ethical standards, and techniques of crisis negotiations.

Certificate (13.5 Credit Hours)

CJ6250     Management of Critical Incidents

PRO605    Advanced Consequence Management and Incident Command System

SEC537     Crisis Negotiation

Course availability is subject to minimum class size requirements.