Certificate in Integrated Munitions Effects Assessment-Conventional


This certificate provides students with concepts and skills of integrated munitions effects assessments of a conventional strike.  Students will obtain target models, create attack plans, and analyze and interpret results. Students will apply learning within the context of modeling, mapping, visualization, and consequence assessment using DTRA hazard modeling and assessment tools. Students will acquire initial and advanced skills in the application of integrated munitions effects assessments to conventional strike capabilities and limitations and an initial level of competency in modeling of conventional munitions hazard releases.  Students will learn in a collaborative, Net-centric environment, understanding and applying graphical interface operations, and implementing and analyzing consequence assessments.


Upon completion of this certificate, students will be able to do the following:

  • Import and create target models
  • Assess consequence to WMD scenarios
  • Analyze weapons’ capability influence tactics by comparing and contrasting doctrine from witnessed employment
  • Assess the nature of the threat terrorists pose to global security
  • Synthesize and reflect upon knowledge gained upon certificate completion


DNWS CM180     Integrated Munitions Effects Assessment- Level 2-Conventional (IMEA-2-C)

NUC410     Weapons Systems

SEC300     Certificate Portfolio

SEC486     Bomb Threat Management

TCT390     Foundations of Terrorism
300+     Strategic Security Elective

Course availability is subject to minimum class size requirements.