Senior-Level Certificate in Intelligence Analysis


This senior-level certificate is designed for the intelligence analyst professional who wants to better understand the finer points of advanced analysis, including how to present briefings geared to the context of the intelligence customer. The student will learn to codify and unify relevant information into a comprehensive study that will present an accurate and up to date picture of the target region’s cultural, political, economic, social, military, geographic, climate, demographic, hydrographic, and historical data that will support strategic, intelligence, and tactical operations by the end user. Further, this program teaches the craft of analyzing leaders, how to review available biographical information in an effort to discern the leader’s personality traits and skills, and any available information on the leader’s professional record in dealing with a variety of issues. And finally, students will learn how to weigh a variety of factors influencing how a political situation is likely to develop.


Upon completion of this certificate, students will be able to do the following:

  • Apply the analytical tools used to penetrate deception and denial (D&D) operations.
  • Analyze propaganda for intelligence content.
  • Compare and contrast data to arrive at an accurate assessment of a geographical area’s capacity to affect an area team’s operational capability.
  • Define the leadership factors.
  • Describe the impact of the leadership factors, principles, and competencies on organizational behavior.
  • Use open source intelligence in leadership analysis.
  • Define remote profiling and describe its implementation through HUMINT operations.
  • Describe the different points of view in political science: rational choice theory, behaviorism, and the new institutionalism.
  • Recognize the different analytical paradigms in modern political science.

Course Listing (18 Credits)

INT511     Advanced Analytical Methods

INT580     Leadership and Political Analysis

INT584     Area Studies Analysis

TCT525     Advanced Counterterrorism Analysis

Course availability is subject to minimum class size requirements.