Certificate in Intelligence and Terrorism Profiling


This certificate is designed for the student who wants to be able to describe and explain terrorism and terrorism dynamics in order to provide better counterterrorism techniques and prevention strategies. This certificate will explore and assess various characteristics, some of them mental that may explain this behavior as well as delve into de-humanization factors that affect these individuals. This program will also address behavior and verbal signs the student can learn to assist in predicting dangerousness. Students taking this certificate will be able to explain and discuss the nature of charismatic leadership. Students will acquire the tools necessary to identify and evaluate the variety of structures of terrorist organizations, from strict hierarchy to diffuse networks, as well as the implications of structure and internal dynamics on terrorist actions and capabilities. And finally, this program teaches how vetting is conducted, and how the reliability of a source is established, quantified, reported, and verified.


Upon completion of this certificate, students will be able to do the following:

  • Identify psychological and sociological characteristics of terrorists.
  • List the triggering mechanisms that can incite a cultic community to turn to violence.
  • List the different personality types of people who join cults and the differing methods used to attract them.
  • Analyze the workings of a domestic (United States) terrorist group in order to classify and distinguish the different dynamics at work in these types of groups.
  • Recognize the various behaviors inherent to terrorist groups and describe the ways the associated behaviors affect the workings of a terrorist group.
  • Assess the core principles involved in vetting HUMINT sources for exploitation.
  • Demonstrate the process needed to conduct a sound vetting plan through consequence and risk management analysis.
  • Differentiate between the subjectivity of human bias (the “Art”) and the objectivity of psychology and precedence (the “Science”) of vetting methodologies.

Certificate (18 Credit Hours)

INT502       Vetting

PSY576      Analyzing the Terrorist Mind

SOC570      Cults and Charismatic Leaders

SOC571      Secret Societies

Course availability is subject to minimum class size requirements.