Certificate in Private Security


This multi-disciplinary certificate takes the fundamentals of Private Security and combines them with various aspects of strategic security and executive protection. Students may tailor the certificate’s academic focus by pairing any three courses. This may be repeated to receive additional certificates by selecting three different courses. This certificate covers ethics and etiquette. It also covers the foundations of security along with the specifics of offensive versus defensive security, vehicular and building security. It can also be tailored to meet the needs of the protection professional through courses in working with Principals at their office, work, and other offsite venues.


Upon completion of this certificate, students will be able to do the following (the learning outcomes will vary depending on the courses chosen but would include):

  • Examine the history and professionalization of private security.
  • Analyze the business of the private security industry.
  • Explore private security concepts, tools, systems integration, and law.
  • Analyze premises and business security.
  • Explore personal, employment-related security, and homeland security.

Could also include

  • Research principles, concepts, techniques, rules, and ethics in the intelligence, counterterrorism and protection professions
  • Research, describe and articulate the practice of building security through planning and designing.
  • Research information necessary to conduct a proper advance, security plan, and risk assessment.
  • Describe security advance planning in the context of protective security operations and identify actions and resources to accomplish an effective advance
  • Demonstrate the fundamental concepts of executive protection, including agent-client relations, vehicle security, threat assessment, office and residential security, basic team management and communications, and advance work
  • Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of operating defensively and reactively, as well as offensively & proactively.
  • Research and evaluate the importance of the “mechanics” and subtleties of professional protective driving.
  • Explain proper social interaction for formal and informal situations as encountered by a security professional.



Required Courses

CJ2240     Intro to Private Security

Students complete 3 courses from the list below.

PHIL400   Ethics of Security and Counterterrorism

PRO385     Etiquette and Rapport

PRO422     Building Security

PRO430     Travel and Hospitals

PRO432     Principal’s Office and Residence

PRO433     Off-site Visits

PRO466     Advance Work

PRO494     Essentials of Executive Protection

SEC305     Offensive v.  Defensive Security: Understanding the

Broader Security Field

SEC320     Foundations of the Security Industry

SEC326     Foundations of Vehicular Security

SEC366     Managing the Security Organization

Course availability is subject to minimum class size requirements.