Certificate in Security Management


This certificate is designed to give the professional in the Security field or the student who is considering getting into the corporate, government or law enforcement security field, a more comprehensive knowledge of managing the security organization, including how to resolve issues around consequences and conflict. Students will learn how to identify types of conflict and resolve them safely and professionally. Students taking this certificate will be able to differentiate and understand how federal, state, local, and emergency assets interact so that in the case of a terrorist event, the student can discern the most appropriate and efficient response.


Upon completion of this certificate, students will be able to do the following:

  • Conduct research that allows student to differentiate between the styles of communication typical in management settings.
  • Differentiate between the causative factors of conflict and explain them.
  • Identify, through independent research and discussion, how the effective use of the Department of Homeland Security can be used in pre-identification of a terrorist event or group.
  • Identify, through independent research, the various elements of state, federal, and local emergency management systems to be used in the prevention of a terrorist attack.
  • Outline how local, state, or emergency assets interact.
  • Demonstrate effective written communication by creating an emergency management plan for a local event that details effective rapid deployment to a man-made WMD event.
  • Explain how documents on the information age were so influential on security practices and apply that information to security settings.
  • Examine workplace violence from a leadership perspective.


PRO380     Conflict Resolution

PRO405     Consequence Management

SEC366     Managing the Security Organization

Course availability is subject to minimum class size requirements.