What is “The American Way”? The History, Image, and Values of NAU


Did you know that NAU’s programs were originally geared towards the needs of returning veterans from World War II and the Korean Wars? Because of this, the University’s original programs were business-oriented, designed for those who wanted specialized business training once they returned from combat. The school was developed based upon the principle that everyone deserves the opportunity to receive a college education.
NAU eventually expanded its geological locations, faculty and staff, and programs, Accred,-affiliations,-approvalsmaintaining its mission that everyone should be provided with the opportunity to pursue an education. In 1998, NAU developed online courses and was an early adapter to help fulfill the needs of working adults.

The American Way

In 2015, NAU launched its “The American Way” campaign, which embodies the University’s long-held belief that everyone has the right to an education, and also encompasses the fact that NAU specializes in providing that education to the non-traditional student of 2015. Today, more and more students fit the description of “non-traditional,” whether they’re older, returning to school, or working full-time.

For example, a recent report from the Department of Education notes that 13 percent of students enrolled in college today are single parents, an increase of 5.4% since 1993. NAU offers are flexible degree plans and class schedules that suit any student’s needs. The school provides all students with:

  • An opportunity for a college education
  • Freedom to learn on their own terms
  • Support to help guide them in following their own path
  • Excellence in programs and standards, and success through hard work

NAU also offers many freshly updated and expanded programs of study, designed to help students succeed in today’s up-and-coming careers, including criminal justice, organizational leadership, and paralegal studies. These programs are all geared toward learning the specialized skills needed to succeed in careers that are hiring now. The freshly updated and expanded degree programs are very relevant in today’s economy, and include an open enrollment policy, flexible study plans, and personal advising. Learn more about our programs by visiting www.national.edu today.


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