Why Get a Degree in Strategic Security and Protection Management?


If you are considering pursuing a career in national security, you may be unsure of which specific field you wish to enter. Counterterrorism, intelligence management, and strategic security and protection management are all critical components in our national security. You know what counterterrorism is, you are familiar with intelligence collection and management, but what exactly is strategic security and protection management?

What You Learn in a Strategic Security Management Program

The important field of strategic security is based on comprehensive, fundamental and long-term conceptions of safety conditions inside and around companies or organizations. Protection management encompasses many areas, including threat assessment, workplace violence, cyber security, corporate security, intelligence gathering and intelligence analysis. Topics in the field of strategic security and protection management include:

  • Risk identification and risk assessment
  • Evaluation of existing security systems and facilities
  • Creation of complete security concepts
  • Property and Personal security
  • Security organization
  • Security processes
  • Material protection
  • Protection of values
  • Protection of information

In order to pursue a career in this important field it is necessary to obtain the requisite training and education. Strategic security and protection management, however, is not a vanilla program you can find at any school. Specialized instruction in a critical field such as strategic security and protection management requires an education from an industry-recognized, accredited institution, such as the Henley-Putnam School of Strategic Security. A subsidiary of National American University, Henley-Putnam is the nation’s premier provider of specialized instruction in the fields of intelligence management, counterterrorism studies, and strategic security and protection management. A Higher Learning Commission- accredited institution, Henley-Putnam offers a Bachelor of Science degree, a Master of Science degree, and several certificate programs in the field of strategic security and protection management.

Earn a Bachelor’s Degree in Strategic Security Management

For individuals just beginning their career in national security, the Bachelor’s in Strategic Security and Protection Management degree program at Henley-Putnam introduces the concepts of protection management. Concepts include aspects of intelligence, terrorism and protection, as well as the basics of security operations and report writing. Students learn how to recognize various information sources in strategic security and their relationship to security operations. Students also learn how to explain threat analysis and its technical, operational, and strategic aspects. Additionally, students learn to:

  • Synthesize strategic leadership competencies through the understanding of cases in the current security environment.
  • Demonstrate the ability to communicate effectively in a variety of mediums to key stakeholders.
  • Appraise policies, reforms, and ethics through integrating information literacy competencies.

Advance Your Career with a Strategic Security Management Master’s Degree

Students who are looking to advance existing careers may choose to enroll in one of Henley-Putnam’s certificate programs, or in the Master’s in Strategic Security and Protection Management degree program. This advanced program unites successful management practices with proven methods for meeting a wide variety of security and protective services to individuals and businesses. Students take security management courses in advanced protection, intelligence and terrorism, terrorist dynamics, and crisis preparedness and consequence management. The Master’s degree program provides for high-level development of proficiency in threat assessment, workplace violence, physical security, white collar crime and cyber warfare, among other security management courses.


For anyone considering a career in strategic security and protection management, the first step is to do your due diligence in choosing a school. The Henley-Putnam School of Strategic Studies offers programs that emphasize professionalism, proactive strategies, a thorough understanding of the dynamics of the program area, and a high-level development of skills in intelligence, counterterrorism, and protection. Henley-Putnam also offers 100% online programs, so you can pursue your studies while maintaining your current employment or responsibilities to your family. To learn more about the Bachelor’s degree in strategic security and protection management program at Henley-Putnam, or any of their other programs, please call 1-855-246-7440 or email HenleyPutnam@national.edu.


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