Can You Get a Construction Management Degree Online?


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You may think that a hands-on profession like construction wouldn’t be something you could learn about online. But online learning has become a whole lot more sophisticated in the last few years, while also being easier to navigate. Many construction management classes like estimating, building codes, and planning and scheduling are actually well-suited to a digital format. And with videos, visuals, and simulations, it’s easy to understand why you can get a construction management degree online. But should you?

Reasons to Get a Construction Management Degree Online

There are many benefits to online learning, but convenience is the reason cited most often as to why people consider pursuing a degree online. Maybe you can’t take time off from your job or a commute to campus just won’t fit into your life—even for night classes. Maybe you’re a woman considering the field of construction management, but you have a family to take care of. Or maybe you just like the idea of being able to log into your student portal when it best fits your life, instead of a teacher’s timeline.

Online programs can also be more affordable. Especially if you already have some college credit, transferring those credits to an online program can save you money on tuition. When you don’t live on campus you save money on living expenses. And with soaring gas prices, you can save more money than ever when you eliminate a commute to campus.

While price, convenience, and flexibility are great reasons to learn online, they’re not worth anything if what you learn doesn’t hold real value. That’s why it’s great to know that online programs can provide the same caliber content that their on-campus counterparts do.

What You Can Learn in an Online Construction Management Degree Program

Online construction management courses easily lend themselves to the digital space because you focus on a manager’s responsibilities instead of hands-on building. Here are some classes you might have in your program:

Introduction to Construction Management

This course introduces you to the entire construction process. It includes an overview of organizations, relationships, contract documents, industry standards, practices, career opportunities, terminology, project types, and procurement methods for materials.

Building Codes and Inspection

This important class provides an overview of the permit process, safety requirements, and environmental regulations for the design and construction of buildings as established by national, state, and local governments.

Construction Estimating

In this class you learn the principles and techniques of estimating construction costs, with an emphasis on all the pricing elements of a project. It might even include a mock bid day exercise on a commercial construction project.

Construction Planning and Scheduling

This kind of course provides the basic principles, techniques, and software tools used by contractors to plan, schedule, and control costs on construction projects. This knowledge will be crucial to the success of any building project you help develop as keeping projects on schedule is key to profitability.

Construction Documents and Graphics

Here you study construction drawings and learn graphic analysis. You learn about computer-aided design and the software that is prevalent across the industry. You’ll also learn how to collaborate and share info and communicate to project stakeholders.

Construction Materials and Methods

This class gives you an overview of basic building materials used in residential, commercial, and industrial construction. It includes method selection, sequencing, and coordination of specialty trades such as plumbing, electrical, and carpentry.

In a construction management degree program, you might also be required to take classes in science, accounting, communications, math, and principles of management.

A Degree for Career Growth

If you already work in a construction-related career, an online degree program will complement the work you do every day. And you’ll have the chance to bring what you learn in a virtual classroom right to a construction site.

And if you want to enter the field, now is a good time to build a construction management career. Demand for construction management jobs is expected to increase much faster than average through 2029. The Associated General Contractors of America reports that Construction Managers are among the top three hardest to find of skilled workers.

Typically, construction managers need a Bachelor’s degree, and they learn additional management techniques through on-the-job training. Large construction firms increasingly prefer candidates with both construction experience and a Bachelor’s degree in a construction-related field. Construction Managers might work for a construction contracting firm, government agency, or an architectural or engineering firm, and many are self-employed. Be sure to ask if your employer offers tuition reimbursement.

At National American University, we offer an online Bachelor’s degree in Construction Management program that will help prepare you for a rewarding career. Do you already have some experience or a certificate in a construction or business field? You may be able to transfer those credits to your degree program so you can start ahead. Call 800-209-0182 to speak to a counselor now.


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