Construction Management Online Bachelor’s Degree


Construction Management is an in-demand career that needs men and women knowledgeable in the myriad components required to build out residential and commercial projects. The NAU Online Bachelor of Science in Construction Management degree program will help you develop deep insight on how to effectively supervise, manage, and monitor construction projects, including key aspects like planning, controlling, and scheduling.

The construction management online bachelor’s degree helps you build knowledge in the diverse aspects of residential and commercial construction projects. You will develop deep insight on how to effectively manage and supervise projects. And, as a member and partner of the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC) our bachelor’s degree program will prepare students to take their LEED Green Associate (GA) exam.

Graduates of the program will be able to:

  • Critically analyze concepts in the principal areas of construction management to guide organizational decision-making.
  • Leverage current business technologies in support of organizational continuity.
  • Demonstrate the leadership skills required to achieve strategic construction management objectives.
  • Demonstrate appropriate ethical perspectives in a diverse business environment.
  • Proficiently communicate across multiple stakeholder groups.
  • Productively collaborate with multiple stakeholder groups.

Online Construction Management Bachelor’s Degree Classes and Curriculum

The online Construction Management bachelor’s degree program consists of 180 total credits. You will take construction management major core, support core, open elective, and general education core classes.

All academic courses are 100% online.

Major Core

100.5 credits

Open Electives

13.5 credits

General Education

66 credits

Course availability is subject to minimum class size requirements.

Online Construction Management Tuition and Fees

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Online Construction Management Degree Career Outcomes

After earning the Construction Management Bachelor’s degree you will have the business skills, experience and education to manage the execution of any construction work in the private or public section. Typical careers include:

  • Construction manager
  • Site engineer
  • Cost estimator
  • Consultant
  • Facilities manager
  • Building surveyor
  • Sustainability consultant

Who Is a Good Candidate for the Construction Management Program?

  • Entry-level job seekers: The online Construction Management Degree program is a great option if you want to start a career in construction or make the move to a management position. You receive the training and education that employers want to see in an applicant.
  • Construction professionals:  Do you already work in construction? Earning a bachelor’s in Construction Management can help advance your career. And you may be able to transfer previous work and education credits into the Construction Management Bachelor’s degree program.

National American University is a member of The U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC)

USBC Member
National American University is excited to announce that we have become members of the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC), which is committed to a sustainable, prosperous future through LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environment Design), the leading program for green buildings and communities worldwide. NAU’s associate and bachelor degree programs in Construction Management  will prepare students to take their LEED Green Associate (GA) exam..

Course Listing (180 Credits)

CM1100     Introduction to Construction Management

CM2100     Construction Materials and Methods I

CM2200     Construction Materials and Methods II

CM2300     Construction Documents and Graphics

CM2400     Building Codes and Inspection

CM2500      Construction Estimating I

CM2600     Construction Planning and Scheduling

CM3100     Construction Safety

CM3200     Construction Laws and Contracts

CM3300     Mechanical and Electrical Systems

CM3400     Construction Estimating II

CM3500     Productivity and Cost Control

CM4100     Construction Equipment Operations

CM4200     Advanced Construction Graphics

CM4300     Green Building Trends and Technology

CM4400     Construction Project Management and Administration

CM4500     Construction Management Capstone

AC2760     Financial Accounting for Managers

MT1050     Introduction to Business

MT2050     Principles of Management

MT6255     Introduction to Leadership and Quality OR
MT3000+     Elective

MT3050     Human Resource Management

MT4300     Management Across Cultures


EN1150     Composition I


SC Science Electives


HU2000     Critical Thinking and Problem Solving

HU     Humanities Elective

Behavioral/Social Science

EC2050     Macroeconomics OR
EC2100     Microeconomics

Behavioral/Social Science Elective
(Course-by-course transfer)


EN1300     Composition II

EN2100     Speech OR
EN2150     Interpersonal Professional Communication

EN3050     Technical Communications


MA2000     Quantitative Reasoning
MA3000     Business Statistics

General Education

CS1201     Juggling College, Life, and Career: Set Up for Success! OR
CS1203     Bridge to Success:  Creating Your Future at NAU

CS1301     Do the Numbers! Achieving College and Career Success
CS2086     Career Path Planning

Course availability is subject to minimum class size requirements.