Launching Your Career with NAU’s Unique Bachelor’s Degree Programs


NAU has been reinventing education for 80 years, but did you know we offer some unique, modern, and in-demand bachelor’s programs that can launch your career to new heights? We know that some people just walk a different path when it comes to their passions, motivations and how they imagine themselves making an impact on the world. We’ve created a set of programs designed for those who want something uniquely challenging and rewarding. National American University understands this, and that’s why we offer a selection of unique and modern Bachelor’s degree programs designed to prepare you for success. Let’s dive into these exciting programs and explore the career paths they open up:

1. Aviation Management Online Bachelor’s Degree

If you’ve ever dreamed of working in the aviation industry, NAU’s Aviation Management program can make that dream a reality. Graduates of this program can find opportunities as:

Airline Operations Manager: Oversee the day-to-day operations of airlines, ensuring smooth and efficient flights for passengers.

Airport Manager: Manage airport facilities, ensuring safety, efficiency, and adherence to regulations.

Safety Inspector: Ensure that aviation organizations adhere to safety standards and regulations, contributing to safer skies.

2. Construction Management Online Bachelor’s Degree

The construction industry is booming, and NAU’s Construction Management program equips you with the skills needed to thrive in this field. Graduates can explore careers as:

Construction Project Manager: Lead and oversee construction projects, from planning to completion.

Construction Estimator: Analyze project costs and create budgets, playing a key role in project planning.

Sustainable Construction Specialist: Promote eco-friendly building practices and sustainable construction solutions.

3. Cybersecurity and Forensics Emphasis IT Online Bachelor’s Degree

In today’s digital age, cybersecurity is more critical than ever. NAU’s Cybersecurity program with a focus on forensics prepares you for roles such as:

Cybersecurity Analyst: Protect organizations from cyber threats and respond to security incidents.

Digital Forensic Investigator: Investigate digital crimes, collect evidence, and provide expert testimony.

IT Security Consultant: Advise organizations on strengthening their digital security measures.

4. Energy Management Online Bachelor’s Degree

With a growing emphasis on sustainable energy practices, the energy sector offers exciting career opportunities for graduates of NAU’s Energy Management program, including:

Energy Manager: Oversee energy conservation efforts within organizations and develop sustainable energy strategies.

Renewable Energy Analyst: Analyze data to optimize the use of renewable energy sources.

Sustainability Consultant: Advise businesses and organizations on environmentally responsible practices.

5. Intelligence Management Online Bachelor’s Degree

NAU’s Intelligence Management program opens doors to a wide range of careers in the field of intelligence and security, including:

Intelligence Analyst: Analyze information to provide insights and support decision-making in security and intelligence operations.

Security Consultant: Offer expertise in security planning, risk assessment, and threat mitigation.

National Security Analyst: Work with government agencies to protect national security interests.

6. Nuclear Enterprise Security Studies Online Bachelor’s Degree

With a focus on nuclear security, this program prepares graduates for careers such as:

Nuclear Security Specialist: Protect nuclear assets and ensure their safety and security.

Policy Analyst: Contribute to nuclear policy development and compliance.

Emergency Response Coordinator: Coordinate responses to nuclear-related emergencies.

7. Strategic Security and Protection Management Online Bachelor’s Degree

Graduates of this program can pursue careers in security management, including:

Security Manager: Oversee security operations, personnel, and resources within organizations.

Crisis Management Specialist: Develop and implement strategies to manage and respond to security crises.

Risk Assessment Analyst: Evaluate security risks and recommend preventive measures.

8. Terrorism and Counterterrorism Studies Online Bachelor’s Degree

NAU’s program in Terrorism and Counterterrorism Studies prepares graduates for roles such as:

Counterterrorism Analyst: Analyze threats and trends in terrorism to support national security efforts.

Security Policy Analyst: Shape security policies and strategies to prevent terrorism.

International Relations Specialist: Work in diplomacy and international relations to address global security challenges.

These unique Bachelor’s degree programs at NAU not only provide you with a quality education but also pave the way for diverse and rewarding career opportunities. Whether you’re passionate about aviation, construction, cybersecurity, energy, intelligence, nuclear security, strategic security, or counterterrorism, NAU can help you turn your interests into a fulfilling career. Your journey to success starts here.


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