2 in 4 Leadership Program

Prepare to Become a
Confident + Effective Leader
in just 4 years


Set your sights on creating
the trail,
not following it.
Nurture your inner leader with NAU’s 2 in 4 Leadership Program. Through this accelerated program, you can complete either a Master's in Business Administration or Master's of Management in 1 year and a Doctor or Education Degree in just 3 years. That is less time than most traditional Master’s and Doctoral degree programs. Accelerated education doesn’t mean reduced value in education though. At NAU, you will be taught by a team of professionals who are experts in their fields and provide their practical and relevant real-world experience and solutions to help you become an effective leader.


Who Should Enroll?

Career-Focused Individuals
Professionals eager and ready to level-up in their careers
as well as motivated to make an impact in their industry.

High-Potential Leaders
Individuals driven to take on greater
responsibility within their organization.

Lifelong Learners
Individuals who understand the importance of
education in order to grow as a professional.

Program highlights


2 degrees in less time at
an affordable value

Earning a Master’s degree and a Doctoral degree in traditional graduate programs can take between 6 – 12 years to complete. Earn both degrees in less time with NAU’s 2 in 4 Program designed to get students to the finish line quicker, while maintaining quality education.


network with professional
peers and mentors

The 2 in 4 Program offers a unique cohort experience and provides students the opportunity to engage with a fun, diverse, and supportive group of individuals who believe in collaboration and networking for professional and academic benefit.


No GRE or gmat
required for admission

Admission and enrollment are expedited allowing students to get started in their program quickly without a GRE or GMAT.


Financial aid + scholarship
opportunities available

NAU strives to make students’ investment in their education and careers affordable. Our financial services representatives are here to help you understand your available options—and which ones make the most sense for you.

Students may be eligible for financial aid in the form of grants, scholarships, and low-interest loan programs through federal, state, and local agencies, as well as veteran financial assistance and employer tuition assistance programs.


Two Relevant Degrees
for leadership roles

No matter your professional field, a Master’s degree and a Doctoral degree will help you grow into an effective leader by developing the skills necessary to make quick and educated decisions and the ability to develop and execute transformational initiatives.

Master of Business administration (mba)

NAU’s MBA program empowers professionals to advance their knowledge and business skills in less time than a traditional degree program. The online MBA prepares you to be a leader across a number of different organizations. You will develop skills in disciplines such as finance and accounting, policy and strategy development, and data-drive decision making. Ultimately, this program can help fast track your career and help put you on the path to becoming the leader you were born to be.


Master of Management (MM)

NAU’s online MM program is designed to expand your knowledge and skills in the challenging and exciting world of management. NAU’s MM program gives you the background you need to take on leadership roles in any industry. Through carefully designed curriculum, you will develop an understanding of business leadership, corporate responsibility, and communications.



The EdD program at NAU provides you with advanced knowledge, skills, and insights needed to address emerging issues in multiple educational and business environments, including colleges, universities, business, industry, and governmental agencies. You will learn from experts in the field on how to make a positive impact through the development of advanced skills in change management and ethical decision-making, and implementation of strategies and policies to achieve your organization’s business objectives. Most importantly, you will acquire the knowledge and skills to effectively lead teams in operational environments.


Learning to lead with confidence in today’s professional climate is critical no matter your field. NAU’s EdD program is focused on educational leadership and developing effective leaders who are also powerful educators.

The program strives to develop leadership skills such as interpersonal skills to build efficient and motivated teams, navigating change, and understanding concepts of continuous improvement. Throughout the program each course will reveal impactful insights about leadership styles that can transfer to real-world jobs no matter the field.

The NAU difference

100% Online
Earning a degree online allows professionals to meet the demands of their careers while completing courses through NAU’s convenient and flexible online format.


Pioneer in E-Learning
A pioneer in eLearning, NAU began providing online education in 1996 through internet technology and has been providing quality innovative online education for over 25 years.


Accredited By the Higher Learning Commission
NAU is institutionally accredited through the Higher Learning Commission. Our business programs are additionally accredited by the International Accreditation Council for Business Education.


Dedicated Student Focus Team
NAU provides every student with their own student focus team. Each student’s team works to develop and implement a personalized plan to assist you in achieving your educational goals.

Classes Begin September 6!

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