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Innovation Combined with Over 80 Years of Excellence

National American University’s Accelerated MBA program offers a cutting-edge education model, blending innovation with over 80 years of excellence. Unlike traditional graduate business programs, NAU’s accelerated MBA courses utilize skills-based learning that leverage instructional methods focusing on the development of practical skills relevant to the workplace, while allowing learners to maximize existing experience, knowledge and competency. Complete your degree in just 12 months through streamlined 5.5-week courses.

A New Way to MBA:

  • Fast Completion Pathway: Earn your MBA in just 12 months with accelerated 5.5-week courses.
  • Faculty Feedback Advantage: Submit assignments multiple times to benefit from personalized faculty feedback.
  • Digital Career Portfolio: Showcase your strengths with a digital portfolio built through impactful assignments.
  • Flexible Learning Structure: Stay organized and focused with course checklists and streamlined content.
  • Real-World Scenarios: Fewer assignments, but more practical, real-life business challenges.

This program blends practical learning with targeted feedback to help you achieve your career goals efficiently.

As a graduate of the accelerated MBA program, you will be able to:

  • Evaluate how concepts in the principal areas of business are used to develop actionable business plans.
  • Arrange current business technologies in support of organizational sustainability.
  • Develop the leadership skills required to achieve a multi-dimensional business strategy.
  • Create an appropriate code of ethics for a global business environment.
  • Design effective communication strategies across diverse stakeholder groups.
  • Construct productive collaboration methods for a professional business setting.

Online Accelerated MBA Classes and Curriculum

The Accelerated Master of Business Administration program consists of 10 courses totaling 45 quarter credit hours taken over four terms that can be completed in one year:

  • Term 1: One 11-week course* along with two sequential 5.5 week courses**
  • Term 2: Two 5.5 week courses taken over 11 weeks
  • Term 3: Two 5.5 week courses taken over 11 weeks
  • Term 4: Three 5.5 week courses taken over 11 weeks

*11- week courses require 1 lesson per week

**5.5-week courses require 2 lessons per week

Questions? Contact an enrollment advisor.

Core courses include an Introduction to Business, Communications and Student Success, Data-Driven Decision-Making, Strategy, Managing Organizations and Leading People, Human Resource Management, and the final Portfolio (included in Strategy and Policy).

In addition to Core courses, students study Project Management, Accounting and Finance for Managers, Marketing and Sales Management, and Legal Environments of Business and International Management.

Visit NAU’s Catalog for a complete list of Accelerated Master of Business Administration requirements.

Prerequisite and Admissions Requirements for the Accelerated MBA Program

For admission to NAU’s Accelerated Master of Business Administration program, applicants must possess a bachelor’s degree. Professional experience is strongly recommended, as the program aims to build on practical business skills with advanced and specialized knowledge.

Students must also meet certain business study requirements for admission to the online Accelerated Master of Business Administration program. There are two options available:

  • Option A: Students who have completed sufficient undergraduate or graduate business courses at an accredited two or four-year institution or from an institution recognized or accredited by an appropriate government or third-party institution may be admitted upon satisfying the following requirements:
    • Earned a C or higher in the courses
    • Successfully completed CLEP or DANTES examinations
    • Submitted an experiential learning portfolio
  • Option B: Students who have not completed sufficient undergraduate or graduate business coursework must complete the following courses:
    • Statistics
    • Economic Analysis
    • Accounting and Finance for Managers
    • Statistics
    • Economic Analysis
    • Accounting and Finance for Managers

It is recommended that students who wish to complete the accelerated format version of the program should be at least 25 years of age and should have a CGPA of 3.0. Additional admissions counseling may be recommended as this is a very rigorous, fast-paced program.

The following course prerequisite is recommended but not required:

  • MA6100 Statistics

The above recommended prerequisite may also be met through equivalent undergraduate courses or master’s courses taken at an accredited two- or four-year college or university, or from an institution recognized or accredited by an appropriate government or third-party agency.

The transfer-in of credit for one course in the Accelerated Master of Business Administration program may be approved upon request, however, the student should not anticipate that the length of the program will be reduced.

You also need to demonstrate proficiency in computers and application software.

Online Masters Degree Tuition and Fees

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Online Master of Business Administration Degree Career Outcomes

NAU’s Accelerated MBA program is designed to prepare graduates to be well-equipped for high-level roles in various industries by developing skills necessary for executive positions and entrepreneurial ventures. The program’s focused curriculum enables students to quickly apply new knowledge and skills in a professional setting, thus enhancing their career trajectory.

Who Is a Good Candidate for this Program?

  • Business professionals: If you are a business professional ready to advance your career at your organization or with a new one, the online program is a great fit. You will develop the skills and knowledge you need to join management or executive teams.
  • Professionals without a business background: As a non-business professional in an area such as engineering or healthcare, you can use an online program to move into corporate positions.

Course availability is subject to minimum class size requirements.