Healthcare Management Bachelor’s Degree



The online Bachelor’s in Healthcare Management Degree program will help you develop the knowledge and skills you need to become an effective manager and leader within the healthcare industry. You will explore concepts and theories related to management and supervision, quality improvement, policy and ethics, law and the regulatory environment, financial management, and strategic planning and evaluation in healthcare. The program’s performance-based curriculum provides a variety of opportunities to improve critical thinking, decision making, and communication skills through analysis of real-world healthcare issues.

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Online Bachelor’s Degree in Healthcare Management Overview

The online Healthcare Management Degree can serve as the foundation for a successful career in healthcare or medical management.

Graduates of the program will be able to:


  • Apply management and leadership principles and concepts in healthcare organizations.
  • Demonstrate effective communication and relationship management skills in healthcare organizations.
  • Demonstrate integrity and ethical and inclusive behavior in decision-making.
  • Create plans for ongoing professional development and advancing the profession.
  • Apply conflict resolution and negotiation skills.
  • Demonstrate effective teamwork through collaboration.


Online Bachelor’s Degree in Healthcare Management Classes and Curriculum

The online Bachelor’s Degree in Healthcare Management consists of 180 total credits. You take healthcare management core, support core, and general education core courses.

Healthcare Management Major Core

49 credits

Support Core

65 credits

General Education Core

66 credits

All academic courses are 100% online and subject to minimum class size requirements. Scroll to the bottom of the page for a list of courses.

Online Bachelor’s Degree in Healthcare Management Specialty Courses

In addition to the required core courses, the online bachelor’s degree in Healthcare Management program offers two specialized options.

  • Option One: For students who have successfully completed approved healthcare diplomas or associate degrees and wish to transfer these credits into a bachelor’s degree completion program.
  • Option Two: For students seeking business-related positions in healthcare institutions or agencies. Graduates find career opportunities in management positions within the diverse healthcare industry or within their own area of clinical/professional expertise.


Online Bachelor’s Degree in Healthcare Management Tuition and Fees

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Online Bachelor’s Degree in Healthcare Management Career Outcomes

The online Bachelor’s Degree in Healthcare Management gives you the skills and background you need to handle healthcare management roles. You will learn how to communicate with medical personnel, manage healthcare staffs, coordinate between patients and doctors, and handle medical inventory.

With a bachelor’s degree in Healthcare Management, you’re ready for jobs such as:

  • Healthcare Administrator
  • Patient Finance Manager
  • Medical Office Manager
  • Health Insurance Manager
  • Healthcare Department Manager
  • Physician Practice Manager
  • Assisted Living Manager

Who Is a Good Candidate for the Online Bachelor’s Degree in Healthcare Management?

  • Entry-level job seekers: Do you want to enter the healthcare management or administration field? Start with the bachelor’s degree in Healthcare Management Degree program. This shows prospective employers you’re ready for a successful career.
  • Existing Healthcare Managers: If you’re currently a healthcare manager but want to improve your skillset and garner the respect of your colleagues and subordinates, a BS in Healthcare Management affirms your value to the organization.
  • Healthcare Managers seeking advancement: Are you already a good Healthcare Manager but are looking for the next challenge? The BS in Healthcare Management can teach you how to effectively manage an entire facility, such as a hospital, a specific clinical area or specialized department, an emergency services operation, or a medical practice for a physician or group of physicians.

Course Listing (180 Credits)

HA3010 – Introduction to U.S. Healthcare Delivery
HA3110 – Quality Improvement and Risk Management
HA3120 – Essentials of Managed Care
HA3220 – Health Information Systems
HA3300 – Healthcare Policy and Ethics
HA4050 – Healthcare Law
HA4070 – Regulatory Environment in Health Care
HA4110 – Healthcare Planning and Evaluation
HA4120 – Management of Continuum Care Services
HA4200 – Healthcare Financial Management
HA4300 – Healthcare Management and Supervision

HA4501 – Healthcare Management Action Research Project OR
HA4521 – Healthcare Management Capstone


AC2760 – Financial Accounting for Managers
MT1050 – Introduction to Business
MT2050 – Principles of Management

MT3050 – Human Resource Management OR
MT6300DC – Managing Human Resources

General Education (22.5) Available for Block Transfer

EN1150 – Composition I


HU2000 – Critical Thinking and Problem Solving
HU – Humanities Elective

Behavioral/Social Science

PS2100 – Human Relations
Behavioral/Social Science Elective

General Education (43.5) Course-by-Course Transfer

EN1300 – Composition II
EN2150 – Interpersonal Professional Communication
EN3070 – Advanced Research and Writing


SC – Science Electives


MA2000 – Quantitative Reasoning

MA3000 – Business Statistics OR
MA3010 – Statistics for Health Professions

General Education

CS1202 – Strategies for Professionals  OR
CS1204 – Advanced Strategies for Professionals

CS1302 – Consumer Mathematics
CS2080 – Career Management


Specialty Courses

**Diploma or Associate Degree in Nursing or Allied Health Required**

Allied Health Courses or Business Electives

Or 3000+ level business electives (AC, EC, FN, LA, MG, MT, OL, or OM courses) if <42.5 credits in transfer

6000DC+ – Elective
6000DC+ – Elective OR

Open Elective

6000DC+ – Elective OR

Required Support Courses

# Elective courses must be coded AC, CI, EC, FN, LA, MG, MT, OL, OM, or equivalent transfer.

EC2050 – Macroeconomics
EC2100 – Microeconomics
ME1140 – Medical Terminology for Health Professions

6000DC+ – Elective OR
3000+ – Elective

6000DC+ – Elective OR
3000+ – Elective

3000+ – Elective
3000+ – Elective

Open Electives

6000DC+ – Elective OR

Course availability is subject to minimum class size requirements.