Why Consider a Degree in Accounting?


With the tax season approaching, accountants are becoming busier than ever preparing for the hundreds of clients they will receive. Do you want to take advantage of career prospects with accounting? Here are some reasons why you should consider an accounting degree.

Accounting Is a Growing Industry

The future of accounting looks promising; the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) expects long-term job growth for accounting and business careers. The job demand is expected to increase in response to the global financial crisis and ensuing government regulations.
In today’s business environment, there is much more to accounting than simply crunching numbers. As businesses evolve, the role of accountants has also evolved. As the economy grows and new businesses form, accountants and auditors will be hired to perform the back-office functions: collections, disbursements, inventory, payroll, procurement, tax preparation, and more. Most new jobs will require a bachelor’s degree in accounting.

Accounting Careers Usually Pay Well

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the median pay for people with four-year accounting degrees is around $62,000 a year but varies by industry and location. Whether you consider government, private industry, or self-employment, accountants are consistently in demand and will always be able to find a well-paying job.

Many Professional Fields Hire Accountants

There are a variety of fields that need professional accountants. Forensic accounting, internal auditing, cost accounting, independent accounting, and management accounting are only a few of unique fields that are looking for accountants whose duties vary from taxes to corporate forecasting and reporting. Accounting also offers the necessary business education to move in to other fields and areas of Those with a degree in accounting may find a career with accounting firms, the banking industry, financial services, the insurance industry, with the government, or private businesses.

Accounting Degree Programs Are Online and Flexible

Many schools, including National American University, offer flexible accounting degree programs that are 100% online. NAU’s programs designed to educate students on the guidelines and regulations of accounting, along with the four most vital areas of accounting: cost, finance, taxation, and auditing. At NAU, students have the opportunity to receive an Associate of Applied Science in Accounting or a Bachelor of Science in Accounting.


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