Is an Accounting Certificate Worth It?


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If you enjoy working with numbers as much as you love collaborating with other people, Accounting might be a good career path. After all, accounting services are needed in just about every industry, and you can work for a variety of employers, ranging from large multinational corporations to small mom and pop shops. But how do you start?

A Certificate in Accounting will prepare you for an entry-level position where you might pay invoices, send out bills, record transactions, update financial statements, and check records for accuracy.

Are You Right for a Career in Accounting?

You will need to have good attention to detail and be able to work with people at all levels in a company. You should also be comfortable working on a computer and learning new software. And of course, you’ll need to be good with numbers.

Benefits of Earning an Accounting Certificate

  • Learn Accounting Software: If you want to be successful in any career today, you need to be tech-savvy and able to use the tools of your profession. In accounting, that means knowing the latest software such as Intuit QuickBooks, Microsoft Excel, and payroll processing. A Certificate in Accounting program will teach you the fundamentals of the field and also provide you with training on current software.
  • Discover the Importance of Auditing: Auditing is the process of examining an organization’s financial records to determine their accuracy and validity. Sometimes, companies perform internal audits to make sure employees haven’t made errors. But often, auditors come from outside of a company. They can also be involved in sales and mergers. You’ll learn a lot about auditing in a good accounting certificate program.
  • Work Across Industries: Just about every business needs accounting services. After all, if you don’t keep track of the money coming in and going out, you can’t tell whether you’re making or losing money. That’s why there are many places fundamental accounting skills could take you. Fields such as manufacturing, retail, banking, construction, insurance, and government all need bookkeepers and accountants and the staff that support them. With a certificate in accounting, you could learn the basics to get an entry-level position and then add more skills while on the job.
  • Learn Skills to Work-From-Home: During the Covid-19 pandemic, accounting staffs were able to work from home more easily than in many other occupations. Post-pandemic, businesses may be more amenable to having their accounting employees work from home. Especially if you’re looking for part-time work, you could perform many bookkeeping skills from home.
  • Build on Your Certificate: Once you have a Certificate in Accounting, you’ll be ready for that next degree. If you decide to continue your education in the field, you might be able to transfer those credits toward an Associate or Bachelor’s degree. Be sure to inquire if this would be possible when considering any college program.

Jobs You Can Get with an Accounting Degree

There are many jobs you could get with a degree in Accounting, and with your certificate in hand, you’ll already qualify for such jobs as:

  • Accounting Assistant
  • Accounting Technician
  • Accounts Payable and/or Accounts Receivable Administrator
  • Auditing Clerk
  • Bookkeeper
  • Financial Reporting Clerk


At National American University, we offer an Accounting, Bookkeeping, and Auditing Online Certificate, as well as Associate and Bachelor’s degrees in Accounting. The programs are all offered online and cost less than a traditional brick and mortar college. Call 800-209-0182 to speak to a counselor or fill out the form to request more information.


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