Management Online Bachelor’s Degree


The management online bachelor’s degree prepares students with transferable college credit for opportunities for advancement in the field of business management, with an emphasis on key principles and concepts in the areas of accounting, finance, marketing, management, information systems, and related functional areas.

Students also have the opportunity to create their own subject area of concentration to align with their career goals, utilizing National American University course offerings to become effective business management decision makers.

Graduates of the program will be able to:

  • Critically analyze concepts in the principal areas of business to guide organizational decision-making.
  • Leverage current business technologies in support of organizational continuity.
  • Demonstrate the leadership skills required to achieve strategic business objectives.
  • Demonstrate appropriate ethical perspectives in a global business environment.
  • Proficiently communicate across multiple stakeholder groups.
  • Productively collaborate with multiple stakeholder groups.

Course Listing (180 Credits)

AC2760     Financial Accounting for Managers

FN6350DC     Financial Management OR
FN3000     Business Finance I

MG6500DC     Marketing Administration OR
MG3000     Marketing

MT1050     Introduction to Business

MT2050     Principles of Management

MT6255DC     Introduction to Leadership and Quality OR
MT3000+     Elective

MT3050     Human Resource Management

MT3300     Supervision

MT3500/CI3510     Managing Information Systems

MT4200     Business Ethics

MT4300     Management Across Cultures

MT4444     Management Review Lab

MT4450     Strategic Management

OM3000     Operations Management


EN1150     Composition I


SC Science Elective


HU2000     Critical Thinking and Problem Solving

Behavioral/Social Science

Behavioral/Social Science Elective

General Education

General Education Elective


EN1300     Composition II

EN2100     Speech OR
EN2150     Interpersonal Professional Communication

EN3050     Technical Communications


MA2000     Quantitative Reasoning

MA3000     Business Statistics

Behavioral Social Science

EC2050     Macroeconomics

EC2100     Microeconomics

General Education

CS2080     Career Management

Course availability is subject to minimum class size requirements.